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Bath Bun

The other day while we were in Bath, I posted some pictures on Instagram. Per usual. And per usual, my disgusting mess for a hairstyle seemed to be applauded. It seems that every time I post a picture of myself with a bun, people ask for a how-to. Well... I promise to underwhelm you, but here's is a quick video of what I do.

I'm not sure if this will enlighten anyone, but I thought I would "reveal my secret" to demystify the process a bit. I have a big suspicion the shape and thickness of how top-knots turn out really is more about natural hair length + volume. Then again- I only have my own perspective, so I decided to let you be the judge.

What's your go-to style? Is it based around your hair's natural behavior? Mine can be frizzy and huge, so this is the easiest way I can control it... and attempt to look like a civilized human.

Also, check out my interview with DALLAS CHILD magazine to find some of my how-to-survive-traveling-with-a-baby tips. (And a picture that Noah Darnell took of us in Paris that I'm obsessed with.)



*images and video original to Aspiring Kennedy

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A Piece of Work.


Our walls are pretty naked.

For as much as I love to collect art pieces and prints along our travels,

I have the hardest time bringing it all together.


Will someone please come help me hang them?

I'll pay you back in yummy biscuits and coffee. 


Can I add some of these gorgeous photographs

by Lupen Grainne to my frameless collection?


I think they are so pretty, and I want them all over our home.



Those peonies are a perfect mixture of soft + strong.


I love this apartment building


I love that one,

and this one, too.


You can see more of her work in her etsy shop.


Does hanging art totally paralyze anyone else?

I'm just so daunted by it...

maybe it's a renter's thing.


I'm not sure I was so (nail)gun shy

when we owned our own house.





*images by Lupen Grainne

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For the Love of Paris... and Babies.


Now didn't think that I'd be satisfied simply with prancing around Paris in a giant black tulle skirt with the Eiffel Tower in the background, did you? Oh no...I had to take it up one more level. Stacy & I decided to make the second half of the day a bit more... kid friendly. Baby friendly, actually. For all of you that are wondering: How do you have TWO dresses this huge and fabulous? Well, the answer is: I don't! The black & pink tulle wonders were made by Stacy that she uses for photo shoot when clients request them. All I did was toss on an American Apparel bodysuit with the black one and a too-short dress that I had in my closet with the pink one. The result? Well, a look far more fabulous than it really was....but when it looks this cute- who cares? So, no more babbling from me, straight on to the pictures...for sure my favorite part from our day. Regardless of Viola wishing she could have been anywhere else rather than having her picture taken as made evident by the first half of the shoot. Oh well, c'est la vie avec le bebe.


To see the first half of our shoot in Paris, click hereStacy Reeves is a talented photographer who shoots visitors in Paris every day. She's a Texan, like myself, who moved overseas to live out her dreams... and now spends her days helping other Americans enjoy their trips to Europe, too. Let her shoot your trip to Paris by booking a session and capturing your trip.

(And yes, you can even wear the skirts, too!)


*photos by Stacy Reeves & L'Amour de Paris for Aspiring Kennedy

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Skin Deep | Elizabeth's Daughter

I'm starting a little three part series

on skincare and face products.


Let's call it Skin Deep, shall we?


I'll be honest...

up until this past year,

I hardly every even took off my makeup 

before going to bed.


I know, right, I'm disgusting.


 I'd wash my face on a recreational basis only

when I was bored

or primping for a party or event.


Otherwise.... couldn't be bothered.


And then... well, motherhood/baby loss/age

kicked me in the butt.


I stood in front of a mirror this fall

and couldn't believe how much OLDER I looked.


I was aging faster than Mel Gibson

after he pops out of the freezer in Forever Young.


It was insult to injury.


I hardly recognized myself...

and I decided to start trying to do a bit more

to slow down the process.


I chunked down some cash on products

and have been spending the last few months

seeing which is the best fit for my skin.


I figured it was time to share what I've learned with you...

just in case you wake up one day and find the same surprise

awaiting you in the bathroom mirror.





I honestly wasn't familiar with this Brit-based line until trying it....

I really like it!


I got the travel kit

that includes the facial gel cleanser, purifying mask and daily moisturizer.


I can't say that the products are anything magical 

when you first use them,

but they are a solid daily lineup

that will eventually leave your skin healthy.


(Which is the goal, right?)


I've used them for several weeks now

and my skin is smooth and my complexion is clear.



The moisturizer is nourishing without making me breakout...

and the mask is a nice treat to use every few days.




My face has felt really nice using this trio for the past few months.


What else I like about the brand?

It's void of the crap. No harsh chemicals in these.


It's packed with vitamins and natural elements

to brighten your face and keep it healthy.


It's affordable! The gel cleanser is only £12.


So there you have it...

Check out Elizabeth's Daughter for yourself.


(I think you'll like it, too.)





*photography by Noah Darnell

*products c/o Elizabeth's Daugther




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Blow It Out.

I'll admit something to you...

but just you, internet. 

I only wash my hair once a week.

I know... crazy.

My hair is super thick

(like, it's shocking)

and washing/blow drying/straightening it

is a three hour ordeal

from start to finish.

And the London humidity makes

it not too oily or too dry.

(Airplanes and Texas are tough on it, admittedly.)

Since pedicures are really terrible in the UK,

don't include good massages (the best part!)

and are around £40,

I nevvvvver get them here.

But I do splurge ever couple of weeks

on getting my hair blown out.

In fact, I have a lady that comes to my house

and does my hair there...

for £25!

I can't lie...

it's one of my favorite things.

My hair gets done to perfection

in a third of the time it would take me to muck with it...

All while the baby naps

and I drink coffee watching Law & Order SVU

in my pajamas.

Worth every single Kate-Middleton-wannabe penny.

Now you know my guilty pleasure.

(Well, besides the carbs addiction, but you knew about that.)

 .    .    .

Everyone has their weakness.

Their thing they refuse to do...

whether it's splurging to have your dog walked,

having someone come dust & change your bed linens.

 a personal trainer guide your workouts

or even paying for someone else to make & deliver your juice cleanse.

Everyone has a point where they just... don't.

So what's yours?

Spill it.

*photography by Noah Darnell

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