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My Dallas | Del's Charcoal Burgers

The list of places we "must" eat at when we visit the States has, over the years, dwindled. The few places that remain are the places that ooze Americana and , to us, can't be replicated wherever else we may travel around the world. This list includes great Tex-Mex, old-fashioned cake donuts, and greasy drive-ins with chili dogs, tater tots and homemade root beer.

And when I'm in Dallas, my favorite spot to get classic burgers and frosty mugs of root beer is definitely Del's. 

Del's is about ten minutes away from my parents and near to the church I grew up going to. With its ancient Texas decor and setting in downtown Richardson, it feels so much like my childhood. Going to eat there is more than just a guilty pleasure- it's a trip down memory lane.

Plus, the prices are a little out-dated- so you'll feel like you really might be eating in the early 90's.

Don't try and make this experience more than it needs to be- stick to the classics like chili dogs, grilled cheese, onion rings and the like.

And I can never resist any place that makes their own root beer... especially when you can make it a root beer float with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream for $2.45.

Hop on over to Del's and you'll get a taste of one of my favourite Dallas bites!

Del's Charcoal Burgers | 110 S McKinney St, Richardson, TX 75081

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Some Changs Could Do You Good.


This post is sponsored. Thanks for supporting Aspiring Kennedy and clicking through! The occasional sponsored posts help my justify the obscene amount of time I spend blogging to Tyler. So thanks! :)


Dallas, while my hometown, may have many great attributes, but I can't promise it oozes with culture in the same way that places like Paris or Rome might. But hey, if all the world was like Paris or Rome, we probably wouldn't appreciate them as much. One thing that can't be ignored about Dallas culture is that we prefer it on a patio. The great weather here makes it easy for relaxing hours spent out on a patio of good drinks and nibbles. 

While standard fare might be margaritas with chips + queso, it's nice to have other options. That's why I was really excited when PF Changs invited us to try out the new sushi +  small plates they've added to their menu.

Tyler & I went for a Friday afternoon date. Let's review, shall we? 

Edamame hummus with plantain chips? Sounds weird, but it totally works.

Dynamite Scallop Roll (aka a scalloped topped spicy tuna roll). Again- another winner. The rolls were massive, too. 

An Asian take on carnitas? Brave to try with Texans, but I can't lie: the carnitas bao were yum.

And of course, some Saigon summer rolls added in for good measure.

So there you have it- PF Changs has officially made it onto my short list of places I could waste an awesome afternoon away on the patio. To be honest, I can't say that I would ever sub out my beloved Crispy Honey Chicken for the small plates during lunch or dinner, but would I order several of them during drinks with friends on the patio? Oh, yes.

This post was sponsored by PF Changs. Thanks so much for clicking through and helping support Aspiring Kennedy. I'd treat you all to yummy sushi as a thanks, if I could!

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A Hundred Reasons.

A couple weeks ago, we announced The Hundred. What we didn't tell you at the time was how awesome it was going to be, because, well, we didn't know at that time how it was going to grow. We have been working our faces off to get this weekend to be as awesome as we can possibly make it. I'm exhausted from late nights, I'm frazzled from how much more work it has been than I anticipated, but I'm also amazed at how this little weekend has grown.


This weekend has started as a way to get together with bloggers that I love and welcome others to join us. We wanted to create a time for bloggers to get together, share what they know and be generous with each other. I just can't believe that would happen in such a big way.


We have the classic British brand Joules sponsoring the weekend, along with Minnetonka Mocs and BUNGALOW Magazine. We have some of the most talented (and butt-kicking) people volunteering their time to be there like National Geographic, PULP Design Studios and Curt Steinhorst


Countless gifts are arriving for the attendees from companies like Heidi Klein, West Elm, Maison Miru, Design Darling and Knotty Tots Mocs. Each day going to my mailbox feels like Christmas with all the pretty packages waiting for me. And we have Etsy heroes like LIttle Dovie, Meg Made and Fancy Face using their talents to make the weekend so much prettier.


For those of you that are joining the fun, we are so glad. We look forward to sharing in the FUN that is shaping up.


For those of you that can't be there for the weekend, we'll miss you. We wish we could share the speakers online, but we just are a bit too short-staffed to function at that capacity at this stage.


And for those of you still on the fence on if it's worth your time & money? Well, I think you should come. I promise- for the lucky people that get to come, it's going to be a monumental weekend for their blog and/or small business. Hurry up and grab your spot before its gone.


For all the Dallas readers who just want to come for a fun night out- join us on Friday night to hear Kendi Skeen from the adorable (and famous!) fashion blog, Kendi Everyday. There are a limited amount of tickets still available!


(And thanks to you… This thing wouldn't be anything without readers like you cheering us on.)

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Dallas: Oddfellows

In the midst of the usual emails

that people send me

asking for advice

on European hotspots

such as

London, Paris & Florence...

I've been receiving a few

for a place that I know just as well:

Dallas, Texas.

I'm a born & bred Texan, mes amis.

I get to go back a handful of times

each year in between semesters.

I was there over the weekend

for a quick work trip...

and got to add a new place

to my "go" list for the Big D.

Don't miss a breakfast/brunch



the next time

life brings you through the Big D.

It would be so sad.

In fact, don't skip out on the Bishop Arts area in general.

It's got so many amazing places tucked in it.

And with how popular it is becoming, 

you may feel like the odd man out

if you did.

{Sorry, couldn't help myself.}

Obviously, we weren't planning on getting our pictures taken when we rolled out of bed. Oh well. In living color.


a few other "musts" for your required visit:

Start with an order of the Beignets,

don't ask questions.

Just trust me.

I personally will recommend the Huevos Rancheros

for many reasons, but mainly because

that bottom layer of corn tortilla is a crispy wonderland.

Go ahead and follow your instinct with the gingerbread pancake-

though skip the red velvet, it's a disappointment.

Lattes are great there.

Fresh squeezed orange juice is a treat.

Oh my, 

I really think

you're going to love it there.

*    *   *

Go getcha some:


316 West 7th Street

Dallas, Texas 75208

Local Tip: Get there before 9 on the weekend

or be prepared to WAIT (like 30-45min) for a table.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Rise To The Occasion

On Friday,

there was a small table

of really nice people

having a great time

over some awesome soufflés

at Dallas' beloved

Rise No. 1.

It was such a great time,

and- as admittedly awkward as those parties can be at the beginning-

turned out to be a FUN evening.

It's always so refreshing (and dare I say, "flattering?")

to meet people who read my blog.

The internet can be a tricky place

with false identities (ahem, Aspiring Kennedy?)

and tiny little profile pics...

You can never be too sure about who you're meeting out there.

So to show up and meet completely awesome/normal people

really floored me.

I can't believe that such cool people

 take the time to read my blog.

I'm not even sure my own mom reads it.

Ok, I'm drifting...

All that to say,

I was on a high from getting to hang out

with so many sweet ladies.

Thanks for coming out-

blogger meet-ups wouldn't be nearly as fun

if no one was there to actually meet up!

And now, 

some pictures

to prove that it actually happened.

the set-up.

fancy fizzy water

viola got some swag from the party. a sophie giraffe from  helen! merci. :)

getting our instagrams on... #dallasbloggerbash

marshmallow soup  with floating "marshmallows" of mini goat cheese souffles!

crab souffle.

les femmes du blogging :)

bread pudding soufflé

table dancing.

me & my co-host,

beth dotolo


this strawberry souffle has been on my mind ever since the party. gorgeous!

last ladies standing. closing down the party!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Don't forget-

tonight's the


We will be meeting

from 6-8:30

at one of my favorite restaurants

(in the entire world),

Rise No. 1

My favorite: Marshmallow Soup with "marshmallows" made of goats cheese. Mmm...

It's gonna be

Beth Dotolo of

Pulp Designs

and myself relaxing

with some ridiculously good souffles

with nice people around us.

So, if you think you're a nice person, too...

we want you there!

There are a few spots

still available

(three to be exact),

so if you'd like to join us

email me at

so I can get you on the list.

Whether you blog, read blogs,

follow along on Instagram or whatever...

you're invited!

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