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#mickelsongetsmauid | Amber + Tyler


I have to say: five years ago when we were living in Texas, a trip to Hawaii for a wedding would have seemed pretty cool...but now that we live in England in the constant cold and need for layering, the idea of going to Hawaii sat in anticipation for me for months ahead like a tropical, exotic muse. With as much of a pedestal as I had it perched on, the trip had big shoes to fill. And I won't lie, it was even better than I could have imagined. 

Here's why: Our friends Tyler & Amber are all-stars. They're succesful in their jobs and in friendships because they are kind and hard-working.The culmination of their attention to detail and consideration for those around them came full circle during their wedding week. Fun activities were planned, thoughtful moments were carved out, and well... their great taste just shone through. I get a little emotional thinking about how dear Amber's friendship is to me. She isn't just a friend I have fun with a couple of times a year when we see each other. She's my closest friend in London and, being expats in a different country, we share a lot of our lives together. The moments over the past few years that she's been a part of are written on my heart forever...So it was truly an honor to stand by them both as they committed to sharing their lives together.

Plus, it was so fun having Viola as the flower girl.


*     *     *

A blog post won't do justice to expressing my love for this couple or how wonderful they really are...but the wedding photos? Well, they'll help give you a glimpse of what a wonderful day their Maui wedding was. And honestly, have you ever seen a more gorgeous bride? I honestly haven't. Amber took my breath away. Enjoy being a "guest" at their gorgeous wedding on the beaches of Wailea in Maui.

Tyler Loves Amber-Amber Tyler-0406 1.08.45 AM.jpg
Tyler Loves Amber-Amber Tyler-0413 1.08.45 AM.jpg
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Maui, Hawaii | Mama's Fish House

I probably had 30 people tell me to eat at Mama's Fish House when we announced we were going to Maui. So, we did after spending the afternoon in the cute little town of Paia. And it was amazing. Now, I'm adding to the chorus of people singing this place's praises.

Please, go if you are in Maui. It's just such a special place. All the Hawaiin kitsch you could imagine and yet, the seriously best fish you've ever had in your life. I had the Panang Curry. Tyler got the mahimahi stuffed with crab and lobster. Mmmm...Oh, and the dessert is really good, too. Try the banana & macadamia nut crisp with tahitian vanilla ice cream. Ohmygosh. So good.

And the beach outside... It's so gorgeous.

PS. If you're imagining a small shack with mama cooking you her special recipe, you would be wrong. This is an expensive dinner in a nice setting.

In fact, I was totally blown away with how big and nice the restaurant is considering it's location. Dress cute and plan to spend some cash. It's worth it though. (You know I wouldn't steer you wrong.)

*   *   *

Mama's Fish House

799 Poho Place

Paia, Hawaii 96779

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Maui, Hawaii | Cheeseburger in Paradise (Lahaina)

Most people feel the need to check this establishment off their Maui bucket list. I'll admit, it's not the best burger I've ever had...But, it's also not the worst. (And it's a million times better than 99% of all British burgers. Sorry, UK.) If you're in Lahaina, you might as well give it a try and knock it off the list. While it is, admittedly, a tourist scene, let's talk about the perks: The oceanside view is awesome. Ask for a table upstairs, if possible. The kobe burger is pretty tasty. I didn't love the actual beef, but the grilled pineapple, bacon, avocado, grilled onions helped make it pretty tasty. Obviously, I was slightly disheartened to not a find "a big kosher pickle" served with my burger.

Skip the sweet potato fries... they're just cold and bit blah. Apparently the Mai Tai's are legendary... I can't vouch for them but the glasses + umbrella are pretty cute.

Also, the live music and friendly staff make it all a pretty decent experience. If you're in Maui for a week, I say "Go." Just, you know, don't expect it to be Shake Shack or In-N-Out, because you'll be disappointed. Expect it to be fun place in a gorgeous food that also happens to serve some okay burgers.

Cheeseburger in Paradise

811 Front Street

Lahaina, Maui HI 96761

808.661.4855 (no reservations)

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Aloha (again) from Hawaii.

This time, I saying "Aloha" with a bit of I'm saying goodbye to the wonderful week we have had here in the sun. We have explored, played, celebrated, and eaten a lifetime's worth of fish & hula pie.

My parents were here, too, and it was fun to share this with them. They brought me with them to Maui when I was about a year old...and now, Viola gets to have the same fun at the same age.

But I'm not just sad because it's the end of a wonderful week and wedding...I'm also sad because we are flying back to London today...from Hawaii. Woof.

*   *   *

We are flying from Maui to LA, LA to NYC, and NYC to London. Yuck. But, it'll all be worth it. We'll grab our bags, catch a night's sleep and hit the road the next morning for a Eurostar and 10 days around the South of France with my new semester. So while I get a bit of tired head thinking about the long travel days ahead, I get really excited to think that there are some young college students about to have their worlds' explode by studying overseas... and that I get to be there for it.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Maui, Hawaii | Betty's Beach Cafe (Lahaina)

I think that breakfast is one of the best parts of a vacation. Or brunch, for that matter. I'm an equal opportunist here. Hear me out...In your normal life, when else do you get to lounge around for the first meal of the day? In our lives, breakfast is scarfed, slurped and solo before we rush out the door. But on vacation, it's a meal that's shared and the place to plan the day's adventures. Plus, it's just so freaking delicious. When we woke up on our first day in Maui, the first thing I did was google "best breakfast in Lahaina." One of the places listed was for Betty's Beach Cafe and, as we had nowhere else that sounded better, we decided to check it out. Oh man.

I'm so glad we did. 

I'm going to be pushing for a repeat visit before the week is over. Not only is the beach setting gorgeous, but, hey, the food is good, too!

Their banana & macadamia nut pancakes are the best-seller...and we loved them, too! If (and when) they ask if you want the coconut sauce for them, replying with a resounding YES. It's a game changer, in my non-professional opinion.

Also add the huevos rancheros to your "must eat" list. They're really, really good. (And that's not a compliment this Texan hands out lightly.)

On the weekends, mimosas & champagne are $2...Twist up the normal OJ + bubble combo with pineapple, guava or POG juice in your mimosa for the same price.

We loved this place. I hope you get a chance to like it, too!

Betty's Beach Cafe

505 Front Street

Lahaina, Maui HI 96761


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Aloha from Maui!

I'm blogging in my swimsuit with sunglasses on while I sit on the balcony of our room overlooking the gardens of our hotel and drinking an iced chai latte. Basically, I'm doing the furthest possible thing from my normal blogging scenario. (Read: In sweats on my couch with a cup of tea while I hide from the grey drizzly London sky.) We landed in Maui after our 8.5 hour flight (which was a surprise to me... I had it in my head it would be around 5?), made a brainless decision to grab dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina and cruised on to our hotel room and crashed after the loonnng day. We woke up this morning ready for adventure, jumped in the car and headed north along the west coast of the island. The funnest and most beautiful day unfolded for us in no time. Not to mention we discovered some delicious places to eat, but I'll share those in separate posts later for you! Starting tomorrow, the wedding festivities will be starting for Tyler & Amber's big day. (I'll be instagramming the fun with #mickelsonsgetmauid...) So before the chaos ensues, I just wanted to say "Aloha!" from a land that is truly magical and share a few pictures from our day.

I haven't been to Maui since I was 11. I'd love some recommendations that have made your trips here extra special!

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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