First Day(s) of School

Today, Viola went to her first morning of nursery. We walked her out the front door and down the steps... And 15 feet across the street to her nursery.


The sweet little nursery, literally, sits at eye level from our kitchen and living room window. Standing in our kitchen, you can see the kids playing and we can hear them singing and playing with our windows cracked. It's perfect.

Plus, it took her all of thirty seconds to forget we were there and start popping bubbles with the other children. Phew.

But it's also MY first day of school and no, not teaching. I'm a student again! Today I've been at orientation to begin my MA in Digital Humanities at Kings College London.


So yes, I'll be doing family life with a full-time job and full-time school for the next year. Exciting and exhausting days ahead.

I would love to hear from you about doing life + graduate work. I know I'm definitely not the first person/mom/wife/employee to tackle this, so please- let me know. I have a feeling I'll need to channel all the inspiration possible.  

Apparently, my kitchen window isn't the only spot with a view. I was staring down at London Fashion Week happening in Somerset House next door out our lecture window. Couldn't help but go over during a break to see the fun in person. Side note: I don't get "fashion," but I love good style.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

**excuse wonky formatting. Published via iPhone. 

Posted on September 16, 2014 .