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The Hills Are Alive!

The hills are alive.
with the sound 
of an airplane landing at Heathrow...

Tyler lands this morning 
after being apart for 16 days.

That's a long time, guys.

She's so beary excited.

That's, like, 17% of Viola's life.

I'm already doing a happy dance
about him being back...

Special thanks for my mother-in-law
for being the wind beneath my wings for the past two weeks
helping with le bebe while I worked,
doing endless loads of laundry,
and never judging me for sleeping in
until 11:20 yesterday & today.

{Or at least, not letting on if you did!}

Today's going to be great for me.
I hope it's awesome for you, too!

How do you function on when you're on your own?

Better Off 
or Better Not?

*All images original to Aspiring Kennedy. Taken in Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye.
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Pack Your Bags: The Isle of Skye

Remember in September when I was parading around Scotland
with my parents and Tyler?

I thought that it was chilly then.

Apparently, I forgot just how crisp autumn can be here in the UK.

Its even chillier now...
but the coziness that the Isle of Skye offers
with it's tiny cafes serving big steaming bowls full of homemade 'cullen skink'
and pots of tea served with Scottish cakes and shortbread
makes Skye the perfect place to find yourself hiding out.


Located in the main part of Skye's largest city, Portree
('Port Ree' meaning in Gallic, "The King's Port),
the Bosville is one of the "fancier" hotels in town.

While it is nice and clean accommodation,
don't compare the luxury outfitting of these rooms
to the findings of a luxury hotel in Manhattan or Paris.

But there is free shortbread & tea in your room
which makes for a good replacement for me.

Both the hotel pub & restaurant serve really good food...
if you're the eating type. :)

This sister hotel to the Bosville is also situated in Portree,
though about a 5 minute walk up the hill out of town.
The position of the hotel gives it a stunning view of the port below.

Accommodation here is a grade down than at the Bosville,
but rooms are clean and the staff is above & beyond friendly.

The restaurant downstairs is also a popular location for locals.

If you're looking for a quaint & affordable place 
out in the country,
the MacKinnon Country House is a sweet option.

Sat near Kyle of Lochalsh
on some quiet and pretty land,
this country hotel is a quiet escape 
from most normal life as you may know it.

The food is good (like, really good)
and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

You'll feel like part of the family when you leave.

{Bring books... no great internet or tv options here!}


It's hard to say what there is to do on Skye.

Having a good time is fairly intuitive
and a hard objective to miss.

It's kind of just a little place that you drive around,
hopping in and out of your car as you make your way
around the enchanted island.

You'll come across so many waterfalls
you'll start to feel like you
are in a laundry detergent commercial...

Dad be nimble, Dad be quick, Dad walk over the walking stick.

You'll find yourself walking along 
lonely streams & bridges...

and, if you're lucky, 
you may come across
some friendly highland coos!

The mysterious origins of my big hair is revealed: my mother.

{Yes, "coos." Go on now, say it like a Scotsman!}

We always spend some time wandering around the tiny harbour town of Portree
stopping in shops, eating ice cream, and kicking rocks into the water by the port.

Or we opt for the less social route:
 cuddled up under a mess of blankets,
 watching movies on our computers,
drinking lots of warm beverages,
and spending way too much time huddled over hot food 
and good conversation inside cozy pubs.


Honestly, food isn't why you visit Skye...
but if you insist on something gourmet while you are here,
the legendary Three Chimneys should suit your fancy.

I've never been, 
but apparently- it's quite the place to eat on Skye,
if the hefty price tags don't scare you off.


There you have it...
a few little nuggets of advice
that can help plan (or inspire)
your trip to the gorgeous Scottish Isle of Skye.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Oh, Hi There.

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I write a blog called Aspiring Kennedy.

I live in England,
but travel around quite a bit.

Sometimes I travel so much, in fact,
that I neglect my blog.

But if you regularly read my blog,
you already knew that.

I've been doing some VERY cool stuff
and seeing some VERY cool things...
here are some instagram pics to give you a peek.

Scotland's Isle of Skye is absurd.
How can this place exist?

It is everything L.L.Bean has ever wanted to be.

But forget dramatic Scottish cliffs 
& seaside picnics with buckets of artery-clogging food.

Today I just want to show you this website,
It's entirely based around fake captions
to pictures of Kate Middleton.

Like this:

I'm in Paris for two more days
and then head back to London.

If I don't write before then, remember:
Even if I can't blog on the road,
I can always Instagram.

(Take the hint! My username is aspiringkennedy) 

So the real question is:
 What have you been up this week?

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Skye High

Do you ever find yourself 
in the middle of a perfect moment
and wish you could freeze time forever?

You realize that you're in the middle of something really special.

You try your best to savor the magic of that moment
-to engage in it, as fully as you can-
before time pulls that scene away and replaces it with normal life.

Whether it's with your family all gathered together at the holidays,

or as you wipe away tears of laughter over dinner with friends,

...or, maybe, it's traveling across Northern Scotland at Christmas with your love.

We're holding on to this perfect day for a little longer...
tea time with Tunnock's caramel wafers &
a walk around the tiny fishing village, Portree,
before returning for dinner at the hotel pub.

Life, on the Isle of Skye, is good.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Away We Go: Scotland

And, we're off.

While journeys across islands would sound warm & exotic,
our journey brings us to shrinking temperatures
& windy hills sat in the grey backdrop of Northern Scotland

First stop, a night in Edinburgh.

Where we will stay at The Fraser Suites
right off the Royal Mile,
and relax in the festive city before our real journey begins.

When we are in Edinburgh, I like to...

Have coffee & dessert at The Elephant House- where JK Rowling penned Harry Potter on napkins.

Dream of staying at the Hotel Missoni. The doorman even has a Missoni striped kilt. It's amazing.

Grab soup on a cold day at Chocolate Soup. The hot drinks & desserts are fantastic.

Maybe visit the Edinburgh Castle (at the top of the Royal Mile)
or stop by the Queen's Scottish home, Holyrood House (at the bottom of the Royal Mile).

Shop along George Street in New Town. Can't wait to visit the new Anthropologie.

I couldn't get this close to St. Andrews and not stop by...

We have a day there feeling chilly along the sea.

We probably will warm up at Greyfriar's Pub...

Shop the endless rows of charity shops...

Grab a cone of sticky toffee pudding from B. Jannetta's famous ice cream shop...

Take pictures at the seaside cathedral ruins...

Watch golfers finish up at the famous 18th hole on the Old Course...

and go on a tour of Will & Kate's meeting place,
The University of St. Andrews.

From there, we head to Inverness for the night.

After a couple hours on a train,
we will arrive in Inverness...
way towards the top of Scotland.

When we arrive-
the biggest challenge awaits us:
a rental car.

We've never driven in the UK...
but we will tomorrow!

Off to the country to stay in a country manor, Coul House.

We will spend the evening siting by the fire, eating Scottish winter fare,
and cozying up like our Anglo-Saxon ancestors before us would have.

The next morning,
we continue up to the Isle of Skye.

A gorgeous place that seems like Tolkien's setting for a certain trilogy.

It's a quiet world of waterfalls, craggy cliffs & roaming sheep...
and while it's (obviously) difficult to get to-
it's one of the most amazing places I've ever seen.

{I posted some pictures here from this summer. Amazing!}

We will be staying at the Bosville Hotel 
in the quaint seaside port town of Portree...
wearing chunky sweaters & boots,
eating bowlfuls of Cullen Skink till we can't fit any more in our bellies.

After a night there and a following day roaming the island
(this is all to tour potential hotels for summer programs)...
it's back to Inverness for a BA flight home to London.

And if I'm not a little bit cooler after a trip like this,
there's no hope for me.

I'll do my best to keep you a part of our journey
and blog & tweet along the way...
when wi-fi & 3G allows.