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My Notting Hill: Book & Kitchen

Just off the craziness of Portobello Road, there's a small street that I particularly love. It's just a stone's throw away from the madness of the market, but it's a tiny sliver of quiet & bliss: Allsaints Road.

It is just... so cute. It has small independent pubs & restaurants dotting the tiny colorful street.

We used to love to go the Pelican (no longer there, sadly) for yummy pub meals and for the sweet staff that always treated Viola like a doll. But on days when it's just me... well, I like to go to a place that's a bit quieter and entirely quaint:

Book & Kitchen

This tiny shop is half bookshop... half, you guessed it, kitchen! It feels like a place that would make Kathleen Kelly smile.

The giant windows pour in sunshine and the tiny back deck is the perfect place to spend alone with a good book or a wandering thought... or you know, shame eating a piece of cake. (I'll never judge you for that, you know that.)

Even though it has a a significantly smaller offering than the large chain book stores, this place gets my vote for the best bookshop in London. They have a children's nook that is so cute and cozy. When Viola gets older and starts enjoying books for more than licking, I have visions of spending chilly afternoons down there with her. Oh yeah, and the staff is crazy nice, too.

You're gonna love it here.


Book & Kitchen

31 All Saints Road

London W11 1HE


Photography by

Noah Darnell

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Christmas In London (via National Geographic)

Being in Britain
has taught me many things.

The art of milk with my tea.

(English breakfast? yes. Earl Grey? no, just lemon. Herbal or green? no.)

The appropriate weather to wear
my wellies in... and not to wear them...

(walks in the country? yes. site seeing in the city? no.)

What's so magical about sticky toffee pudding...

(and where to eat a really delicious one.)

I've also learned to play it cool.

The Brits are great at that...
they famously coined "the stiff upper lip,"
and man- they know how to compose themselves.


But today,
I'm going to be a total American.

A really obnoxious American, at that.

Because I can't play this cool at all....

with a big fancy quote 
about Christmastime in London.

National Geographic, people!

image via danskinner, flickr

Go on, and check it out.

And if you have a suggestion for London at Christmastime,
feel free to drop it in on the article.

(Who knows, you might be the next source for a London piece!)

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In The Houzz (Sabrina + Sasha)

Since I have been so bored lately
and wihout much to do
(read: complete sarcasm),
I decided to take on a new role
as the London contributor for Houzz.

(I'll sleep when I'm dead.)

As the contributor,
I get to take a peek in people's houses 
and see what their lives are like...
and then I shoot them
-the houses, not the people-
and write about them for all the world to see
on Houzz's lovely site.

The first home that I had the privilege to feature
was the new digs of a sweet couple that I met
at the "7th of July" block party this summer.

The couple lives next to my friend, Lolly...
and I walked away from meeting them
and seeing their new home with stars in my eyes.

Sasha (Russian) + Sabrina (Canadian-American)
are two attorneys who are starting their lives together
in a really cute mews flat in South Kensington.

Not only are they attractive smarties (both are attorneys)
and their home ridiculously well curated,
but they are genuinely nice people, too.

Check out more snaps from their home tour here.

(And, okay, fine... if you wanted to leave a nice comment encouraging them
it probably wouldn't be a bad thing.)

*photography by Lauren Bryan Knight for Houzz

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Pretty Cookies? London Bloggers? Me? You!

I'm happy to finally announce that there will be
a London Blogger Meetup.


To get this sort of thing planned
and hosted at an amazing place, 
well- it's nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

I'm smitten to have Biscuiteers oblige to host 
our fun crew for a night out
at their *gorgeous* Notting Hill Boutique
for a night of Christmas fun.

So if you have a blog, read blogs, like blogs, 
or just think that being a Christmas party in London
would help fulfill all your Love Actually fantasies...
and you're up for an amazing night 
getting to ice pretty cookies, 
chat with sweet girls & sip some fizz, 
 we want you there!

Since the boutique is small,
it's a first-come-first-served operation
for the first people who sign up.

The icing classes are normally £78 per person,
but you'll get to experience that
-plus cookies to nibble & yummies to sip-
for only £35.

{This truly is the best time of the year.}

Snag your spot now
and plan to spend the night making new friends.

Oh, and don't worry about feeling awkward. 
Everyone always kind of starts out that way...
 including me!

*image via

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The Prince Bonaparte Rules the World

At times, 
I can be slightly dramatic.

I've neem known to mae some fairly bold claims in my day.

I can't help it. 

I feel the moment. 

And last night,
I was really feeling it
when we were at 
the posh neighborhood pub,
and trying their sticky toffee pudding.

Listen to me, friends:
I eat a lot of dessert... a lot.

After countless bowls of this national treat,
I can confidently say:

This sticky toffee pudding is the best I have had.

While Napolean never achieved his dreams 
of world dominance,
The Prince Bonaparte has dominated all others
in this special recipe.

In case you think Sticky Toffee Pudding is,
as the name implies, a pudding like we know in America,
well, you're wrong.

"Pudding" is a term that just means dessert.

For example,
the classic Christmas "figgy pudding" 
that we all blindly reference in carols & plays
 is not a gelatinous clumpy mess, but a cake.

I know, it's confusing...
but don't worry about it.

Back to the matter at hand:

The cake is just perfect,
the caramel pool it sits in is just right...
and the clotted cream ice cream on top
makes the whole experience heavenly.

If you're searching for a serving of this famous cake
on your trip the England,
don't go anywhere else
other than Notting Hill.

And don't even think about sharing-
you'll be starting a war
that even Napolean would have avoided.

* * *

80 Chepstow Road
London W2 5BE

020 7313 9491

*image original to Aspiring Kennedy
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