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Paris? Mais, Oui!

With the craziness of holidays, baby, work
combined with me being an air-head,
I almost forgot to say it here:

We are headed (back) to Paris for the spring!

This February, we are headed back
to the City of Lights
for another springtime of 
crepes, chambray, picnics along the river, Degas,
pastries, Monoprix sales, steak-frites, freezing in the Paris weather,
and making memories that will stay with us forever.

It's not exactly uprooting your life
to go somewhere else for 3 months,
but what great things in life
come without a bit of hard work & trade-off?

Instead of feeling interrupted or burdened
I feel thankful for my boss + job
and grateful for a husband 
who is supportive and 
who can, for the most part, work anywhere.

... and, I'm excited to dress Viola in French baby clothes.

*    *   *

To take a peek at our previous life in Paris,
take a wander through here.

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Winter Wonder: Fresh Mint Tea

When we were living in Paris
in the spring of 2012,
it was one of the coldest winters
in Europe in a hundred years...

The freezing temps meant we were ducking into cafes
as often as we possibly could 
in hopes of warming up.

The thing is,
if I drank coffee
every time I needed to warm up,
I'd be spazzing out 
from the constant caffeine buzz.

You would see me jittering 
down the Champs Elysees
a hundred miles an hour.

Eventually, I opted 
for fresh mint tea-
or "the a la menthe."

And thank goodness I did.

I stumbled upon a guilt-free treat
that I can enjoy
without any sugar intake
or unwanted caffeine.

And, man, it is so flipping good.

When the weather turns chilly,
I turn on the kettle
and pluck a few leaves
to make my own brew.

(You can drizzle a bit of honey or a spoon of sugar in, if you prefer it a bit sweeter.)

It's such a simple & elegant way
to warm up…


* tea image
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A Random Afternoon in Paris?

Here's a question for you:

What would you do with a
random afternoon in Paris?

Because that, my friends,
is the question
I need answered today...
or tomorrow (depending on your timezone)

Early Wednesday morning,
I'm hopping on the Eurostar
and heading to Paris
for some work meetings...
but Ive got the afternoon & early evening free.

I'll get to spend some time 
with a super cool and amazing friend...
I'm hoping that the combination
of her amazing faith & foxy style
sat amongst the gorgeous autumn weather
and the charming Parisian streets
will be a good pick-me-up.

{Ye olde Aspiring Kennedy has had better years!}

But forget about the years...
let's just take one day at a time.

And the particular day
we need to focus on right now
is in Paris, France!

I've got a rough draft in my mind
of how to fill the time,
but I'm curious to hear 
what you would do
if you could spend an afternoon 
in the lovely city of Paris.

And yes, of course,
I'll be happy to eat a pastry for you.

And a Croque Madame.

And a crepe.

Because I'm just a nice person like that. 

{PS. I think I'm going to have to make a pharmacy run for some Bioderm. Who wants a bottle?}

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Pack Your Bags: Parisian Day Trip

A couple of weeks ago,
Tyler & I had to run to Paris
for a quick day trip for work.

{Yes, I agree. My boss should be sainted for giving me tasks like this.}

As glorious as Paris is in the summer & spring,
I really like it in the cold, too.

It reminds me of living there last spring.

The cold and loneliness of the city
during these frigid winter months 
offers an appealing charm to me.

Plus, the sales are amazing at this time of year.

The Babies Kennedy made out like bandits at Monoprix.

{I also scored the coat in my maternity pictures for €30 then, too.}

It was a quick trip,
and was the perfect little day trip
for these parents-to-be
relishing their last few days of "freedom."

We had a long lunch 
over hot onion soup & quiche
at a cute place
about 15 minutes walk away from the Louvre
just on the Left Bank.

{In case you're interested: Comptoir Des Saints-Peres
29 Rue Des Saint-Peres, 75006}

We savoured things that we knew would be luxuries 
in the weeks/months/years ahead.

We shopped a little...
we took our time wandering around in the cold...
we walked up and down metro station stairs with ease...
and then we had our favorite steak-frites
before hopping the Eurostar back to London.

The next time we arrive in the city of lights,
it will be as a foursome.

Which may mean it will be a scenario as chaotic 
as the metro at 1am on a Saturday night,
but it also sounds...
well, pretty fantastic.

32W6D- Parisian Style

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Traveling to Paris?
Check out my guide to the city here.

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Postcards from Paris

Apparently, I have a thing for Paris this week.

I guess sitting traveling between Oklahoma, Arkansas & Texas 
can leave a girl dreaming of more exotic locals.

Go figure.

As fun as Paris was this spring,
my trip there in the July weather
reminded that the beloved city of lights
is best enjoyed in actual sunlight.

C'est magnifique!

{Editor's Notes: Find my travel guide to Paris here.}

taking my souvenir drivers for a spin around the tuileries.

first course at the amazingly cosy Le Coupe Chou

I'm packing up my bags
and saying my goodbye
before returning back to the UK
from our trip to the States.

It's always a bittersweet time
as you say goodbye to so many people you love
and head back to your new normal.

The pro's & con's of life as an expat!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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