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Monday Moods: I feel... blurry.

As I mentioned on Saturday,
we went to Normandy this weekend.

The first stop on our trip was Claude Monet's house in Giverny.

We were rushed to catch the next train,
so we only had one hour there.

It really should be at least three...
but it was sunny, our guide was amazing
& it lived up to all I had thought it would be,

As we rushed around the estate
from the famous water garden...

{where I could happily spend hours 
sitting by the water garden
being bored & picking petals off the tiny flowers}

On through through the main garden
in front of his colorful house,
I was absolutely giddy.

When I was four or five, 
I became a bit obsessed with Monet's Water Lilies.

In my delusional mind, it felt like they were made especially for my enjoyment.

My parents bought me a replica (obviously) 
and hung it on the wall across from my bath tub.

This silent presence during my bath time
ultimately resulted in countless attempts 
of me trying to float like one of  Monet's lilies
on top of the water of my bath tub.

I never could stay a float for more than a few seconds
and it always left me wishing that I had stem 
that could, to my young self, given me the support needed
 to allow me to rest above the water.

As we sat on the train that chugged us deeper towards the French coast,
I couldn't help but find our moment in Giverny 
to be anything short of a beautiful, albeit blurry, place.

Just like Monet painted it.


If you want to visit Monet's house in Giverny...

Take a train from Paris St. Lazare to Vernon, it's approximately 50 minutes.
Take the bus outside the station. It will drive you to Monet's house for €4 round trip, per person.
If you would like to prebook a guide, I recommend Ariane. She is lovely.
The gardens close during winter on November 1, but reopen April 1.
Give yourself 2.5 hours to walk the property.

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Monday Moods: I feel... childish.

Drinking a "racer" from a bottle & straw 
at brunch at The Riding House Cafe...

Desperately wanting to be a ballerina
after seeing the (incredible!) Degas exhibit...

Seriously asking my husband for permission
to buy the coloring book as a souvenir...

Opting to ride on the top of a double decker-bus,
even when the lower level was empty...

Going crazy over the sparkling windows & lights
debuting their Christmas wares....

It's days like yesterday that make me ask:

How can I have kid (someday)
when I still (so often) feel like one myself?

After walking by Christian Louboutin off Knightsbridge,
it seemed they were leaning towards the juvenile, too...

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Why I Love: Natalie Erwin

Beyond my duties as an Aspiring Kennedy,
I'm also an aspiring art collector.

I scheme of ways to get beautiful art into my home...
with little luck, to this point.

As a girl, 
a print of one of Monet's Water Lilies
 hung above my bathtub.

I would lay there and stare at it...
becoming involved with the scene 
and feeling at home the blurry dream..

While I still love Monet,
my tastes have slightly expanded...

Different styles...
different texture...
different techniques...

These days, I can be lured into a multitude of pieces.

I first met Natalie Erwin through work,
in fact- by hosting an art show for her
when I lived in Dallas.

And though we were busy selling her work
through the project,
it was me who ended up SOLD on her work.

Natalie burns her art into
trademark, birch panels.

Though it's hard to see in pictures,
each piece has amazing texture and depth 
from the wood-burned designs.

Natalie then uses stains and milk paints to color the pieces
and bring life to the image.

{Learn more about her technique here.}

the best wedding guest book ever!

The result is a glossy delight
that blends well into both modern & traditional settings.

While I have been smitten with her vintage scarf series
and her ranch series,
Natalie may be best known for her custom dog portraits.

Because honestly, 
how precious are those little faces?

I'm a sucker for them...

Someday, when our big check rolls in
and I finally get an allowance for art...
you better believe I'll be staring up from my tub
at one of Natalie's pieces.

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Monday Moods: I feel... louvrely.

I'm coming home from a weekend in Paris
where the hub has been playing basketball
in the European MBA Olympics.

{Is that hilarious? Yeah, I agree.}

So while he was busy sweating it out
against Cambridge, INSEAD, & London School of Economics...

I got cozy with
Caravaggio, Velazaquez, & Delacroix.

But the most inspiring point of my day?

Walking out of the Louvre
 to a scoop of pistachio from an ice cream cart
and a sunny nap in the Tuileries.

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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Last May, 

Working a trade show 
is always a mixture of 
glamourous inspiration & schleppy grunge work...

You spend your day meeting buyers from Berdorfs and editors of Elle...
while standing in heels for 9 hours, running around like an idiot, 
and shoving fried chicken tenders down you mouth from a snack bar.

One thing that definitely adds to the fun
is the friends you make inside the Javits Center.

It's kind of like going to camp.

You get stuck in a cramped space together for a week, 
until you inevitably become friends
by laughing at the same stuff
 and bonding over the disgusting bathroom situation.

And last year, Beth & I became friends 
with a girl named Meghan.

Located directly across from the chair massages
{which we visited daily}
was Meghan's booth.

There she sat... all alone.

A cute, little, blonde,
at her very first show
selling fresh & simple patterns
from her line, Patternseed.

Obviously, we loved her.

And then,
West Elm started loving her, too.

Now her design
{my favorite from the show!}
is featured on this great pillow...

and it's so cute and affordable!

So go on..

Buy one for your house,
buy another for your friend,
and support sweet girls like Meghan.

Girls who dream big,
take expensive risks,
and always offer good candy at their booth!

{PS This is my second friend from NY trade shows that has designed a West Elm product!}

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