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FOURSALE: Chunky Knit Scarf (Mini)

Yesterday, Viola & I needed some fresh air after two days in the house per doctor's orders to stay home and avoid risking another infection.

I was booooored. 

So, I threw on her coat, bow and scarf and headed out to get some sunshine. We lasted about 4 minutes until she started trying to eat leaves and my neighbor came up to chat telling me all about the terrible flu her family is passing around to each other. (Cue Lauren inching back up the steps towards the door.) But before the leaves and the plague debacle, I got to snap a few pics of Viola showing off her new Christmas scarf that Tyler's mom made her. And promptly posted to Instagram. (Naturally.)

And then my inbox got flooded with emails asking where it came from. So, I called up my mother-in-law and asked her to be the next foursale for this little old blog. And, since she loves us, she said yes.

So here you go:

The cutest baby scarves you ever saw. They are no-fuss and super cute. The wooden button is easy to fasten anywhere you like on the scarf.

Go getcha one and channel that baby-sitting-on-some-steps-in-Notting-Hill look. And if you don't have a nino, you can get one in adult size to match the one she made me. It has three wooden buttons and can button into tons of combos. I'll be wearing the crap out of mine this spring in the frigid Paris winter.


Sizes Available:

Baby | Child £16.00 GBP + shipping

Adult £25.00 GBP + shipping

A few notes:

  • Since my mother-in-law will be making these by hand custom for Aspiring Kennedy, please allow 10-15 business days for your order to arrive!
  • US shipping only. If you live outside the US, just email me and we can get you sorted with one, too!
  • I love babies in scarves.


*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


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FOUR SALE: Taking Home The Silver

I've been wandering through the market for the past weekend mornings
with the motivation to master my walking-while-consuming-coffee-and-pastry skills,
get some "me" time while Tyler & Viola snooze,
and to find special pieces that can find a place in your home.

{So, I guess it's not exactly a selfless task.}

After my last FOUR SALE
full of pretty finds from Notting Hill's Portobello Road,
I learned two important lessons:

1. People really like English antiques.

2. They get pretty sad when they chance to get any
because the sale is already over.

So, as a perpetual people-pleaser,
I set out to reinvent the wheel
and give the people what they want.

This resulted in a couple of days 
of thinking through different formats & options....
and then one night, the answer was really obvious.

Here's what's going to happen:

It's all going to be sold via a Facebook page
 especially for FOURSALE.


Why move it from my blog you ask?

Well, for the silly sake of matching the section above, 
I'm going to give you two reasons:

1. It allows people to snag a piece 
if they are away from their computers
through commenting via the Facebook app...
which, as we all know, is 2408 times easier 
than commenting on blogger with your phone.

2. It will offer better notice when the sales start,
since people check Facebook about 2408 times
more in a day than this blog.

{I know, I know... people's priorities are way off.}

So go on to the new FOURSALE page
and check out the little goody I have waiting for you there.

And in the meantime,
let's take a quick trip through Notting Hill.

sorry ladies. this one's off the market. ;)

*all images original to aspiring kennedy.

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Notting Hill- Four Sale

The last time I was in States,
I went shopping at a popular chain of high-end cooking stores
{who shall remain nameless}
and, in the midst of buying seasonal rubber spatulas & cake mixes
saw that they were selling serving pieces
from Notting Hill's Portobello Road Market.

I swelled with pride for my hood
and went to inspect their finds.

I was immediately shocked to see how expensive
they were selling the same pieces
that I so often see & buy myself.

I mean, $250 for a silver-plate salt & pepper set
and $150 for a small tray is ridiculous.

I decided then & there that I would
have to render this the only way I could:

By having a foursale to get these pretty pieces
to my friends in the States cheaper than they could at the mall.


I finally got a pretty collection of goods together
and I couldn't be more excited!

It makes me really happy to share Portobello Road with you.



Sugar & Creamer Set

It only felt right to start with this pretty pair
perfect for you next tea party.

A pretty matching set 
of silver-plated sugar & creamer servers. 

Don't they make a gorgeous couple?

If Will & Kate were serving pieces,
this could very well be them.

{Editor's Note: I'm mocking myself for that joke.}

Sugar & Creamer Set | £22


Mirrored Vanity Tray

This flower-trimmed tray is so sweet
and, amidst all the silver at the market,
a bit of a stand-out piece.

I love this delicate little tray
and think perfume & candles 
look perfect nesting on top.

Plus, I really loved the price.

Mirrored Vanity Tray | £10



Silver-Plate Horse Jewelry Tray

This horse tray is probably my favorite piece 
that I found at the market.

It's quirky and cute
and really English...
plus, it's silver-plated 
so it's fabulous.

I especially love the idea of using the dish for a vanity jewelry tray 
and draping necklaces around the horse.

This piece gets the "Best in Show" award from me.

To be honest,
if this doesn't sell,
I'm not going to be upset in the least.

I'm also going to have a cute tray with a horse on it
 perched on my dressing table.

Silver-Plate Jewelry Tray with Horse | £25


Five Piece Salt & Pepper Caddy Set

If I were a bride
and someone gave me this set to me as a wedding gift...
well, not only would it make center stage on my dining table,
but it might also earn them the name of my first child.

As I didn't get one of these as a wedding gift,
we were clear to name Viola after anyone we wanted...
which was in her case, my grandmother.

This little silver-plated set has five pieces:
a triangular tray,
a salt cellar,
a pepper shaker,
& a mustard pot...
complete with a tiny little spoon
to make it officially perfect.

I have two of these sets myself
so I was forced to add this to the sale...
or admit that I might have a hoarding problem.

Five Piece Salt & Pepper Caddy | £32


Heavenly Teaspoons

There isn't much better in life 
than a hot cup of tea
with friends...

and if you don't have a friend to share it with
then you might enjoy having these little teaspoons join you for the occasion.

They have little monks on them...
and I love them.

I wish I knew the story behind them.

Are they monks or saints?

I can't tell. 

Maybe they are a both...
St. Francis of Assisi, perhaps?

Heavenly Teaspoons, Set of 5 | £7.50


Small spaces can be made a bit more grand
when there is a base that supports the scene...
well, that's what I believe, at least.

Which is why my house has trays perched frequently throughout
framing votives, pictures & delicate items from places I love.

Having a pretty tray somehow organizes small items
into a pretty little vignette...
and who doesn't like to use the word "vignette?"

I found two trays that are pretty great.

Silver Vanity Tray, Large

This silver-plate tray has been around the block.

Where dark spots on other pieces can cloud and take away from the piece,
they somehow enhance this tray.

How great would this be by a bedside
for resting your cell phone, a small candle 
& pretty pieces of jewelry?

Silver Tray, Large | £14


The two trays side by side- medium on the left, large on the right. 

Silver Tray, Medium

This is the second tray that I grabbed for you.

It's slightly smaller than the one above
and has a small dent in the edge...
but it's silver-plate is really shiny and the design is gorgeous. 

I think you'll think it's a pretty great
-and affordable!-
way to dress up a small space in your home.

Silver Tray, Medium | £12


Pearl Handle Knives

This little set of six knives is in really good condition...
in fact, I almost kept them for myself
since I haven't seen any matching sets this good.

The original box somehow even survived the years with them.

They look a bit pinker in the box than they actually are
because of the way the red box reflects off them... just so you know.

Oh, and if you look closely below, 
you can see the pretty stamping on the base of the blade.


Pearl Handle Knives, Set of 6 | £10


Lion-Handled Serving Bowl

I hope it is obvious that all of the pieces shown here
are things that I would actually use in my own house.

In fact,
I had intended to adopt this bowl as my own
and had filled it with Reeses Peanut Butter Cup minis.

Eventually, I decided to include it with the other pieces
like I had originally intended...

Though my affinity for anything resembling a lion door knocker
made it a very hard choice.

It has an inner bowl
made of dark, blue glass
that sits inside the bowl's silver-plate exterior
making it suitable for serving out of and easy cleaning.

Lion Handled Serving Bowl | £11.25


So there we have it...

Weekend shopping on Portobello Road 
brought to wherever it is you may be today.

This was actually really fun for me to do
and, if you like it, let me know below.

I'm a sucker for punishment
and would most likely be up for doing this again!

*all sales are final and non-refundable. please shop carefully.
*all shipping is basic, international shipping to keep costs low. please allow for 2-3 weeks for your item to arrive.
*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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FOUR SALE: The Best Christmas Sweater Ever.

I did a double take when I saw this sweater the other day hanging in a store in London.

It was love at first site.

Without trying it on or feeling it,
I just knew that this £20 sweater
 was going to be my new best friend for the upcoming months.

As I paid for an armful of them,
the cashier asked me what they were for...

Ummm... gifts?

It seemed like an easier explanation.

If you've run into me at all this week
in person or on skype,
you may have noticed me wearing this...
it's because I love it
and want to wear it, well, pretty much every day.

It just feels perfect for anything this time of year.

I tried to take a picture of this in any way other than on me.
It wasn't working...
so here I am.

Standing on the street by our flat,
feeling like a pregnant fool 
to show you this sweater.

Yes, because I love you that much
and because it really is that important to me
that you have this sweater, too.


No refunds/exchanges- as I won't be able to return them, either.
All sales final.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for international shipping,
so that I can ship the cheapest way possible!

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Trick-Or-Treat Giveaway {& FOURSALE}

Today I had a talk with people
who were dismissing Halloween 
as a yucky holiday
 full of dark celebrations and decorations.

I couldn't help but get a little defensive
to the verbal attack of such a special day.

Not only did I find this holiday to be 
one of the best family events of the year,
but I kinda like the creepiness that comes along with it.

All the silly decorations
and spooky party themes 
just seem right as the weather changes.

It all seems to fit the chilly weather perfectly.

You know what else fits this chilly weather?

This gold satchel,

a black & gold skull scarf,

...some navy British tights (they make them best here!),
a really cool pair of over the knee socks,
and some cuddly slippers for cozying up indoors.

And that's why I bought them all for one of you
as a fun little treat for stopping by my place this month.

Instead of the classic line of "Trick-Or-Treat,"
all you have to do to win this bag of treats
is leave a favorite Halloween memory below.

Snag an additional entry for each
if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

I'll pick a winner at random on Friday, 19 October.

{Must be a follower to win. Gotta take care of my peeps.}


AND in response to the white infinity scarf that I religiously wear in the cold,
I have now purchased it's black counterpart.

It's a little larger, a little softer, and a little bit better smelling.

{Editor's Note: I really need to wash mine more often.}

I really can not wait to wear it way too often in the months ahead.

 Since so many readers have asked me where I got the first one (H&M, 2010),
I thought I'd help out this time by grabbing a few extras for you.

First come, first served.

Slow international shipping will be used to keep shipping down,
so expect a few weeks before your purchase arrives.

No refunds available, so please purchase carefully!


*All images via instagram. Username: aspiringkennedy
**Obviously, these aren't the real McQueen & Cambridge Satchel... just "inspired" pieces. :)

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