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GIVEAWAY: Ellington Handbags

I'm your normal female
when it comes to my
weakness for a pretty handbag.

I can fall in love pretty quickly...
but I never buy them.

I want to keep my collection
as edited as possible.

One because it sounds cooler to say that,
but secondly -and more importantly-
we live in 750 sq ft.

Nothing that isn't essential
can fit in our home.

So, I am pretty judicious about what I haul home.

Maybe that's why when I say
I have an Ellington bag
and *like* it,
you'll know it's actually something special.

I first bought it 
because it seemed like a great travel bag.

It won't get beat up,
it has lots of pockets,
and it goes from a fold-over
to a tote when I need to cram in
all the excess junk you do
when traveling.

Oh, and they don't cost a million dollars.

My MIA tote came to Iceland with me
and I realllllly liked it.

Come to find out,
these bags are a favorite among a lot of other people, too.

Maybe you'll be the next fan.

I'm really happy that one of you will win 
a Mia tote bag worth $179 (just like mine)
thanks to the super cool people at Ellington.

(Thanks, Ellington!)

They nice people at Ellington are also offering
all the Aspiring Kennedy crowd
with your purchase of $179 or more
when you use code

(I like the tan one, but there are tons of colors.)

**Update- the pouch won't show up in your cart, 
but will be added to your order. 
Indicate your preferred color in the notes at purchase.

Okay, giveaway open now.

*winner will be selected Monday

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The Perfect Duo: An Aspiring Kennedy's Love Story

You know how blogs always 
have contests and giveaways
to win this or do that
and we run you around the interwebs
liking and tweeting 
like it's going out of style?

Well, today
I'm that girl.

I've been drooling over DUO's boots 
the last few weeks
and when I saw 
their giveaway for a free pair,
I decided to join the fun
and enter the giveaway...

Which requires me to tell our love story
here on this little blog.

Have you ever heard ours?

it's good.

We have one that would make
Cinderella and her shoe-toting tale
feel a little insecure.

Okay, fine...
maybe not.

Maybe it's not universally perfect,
but it was the perfect fit for the two of us.

Kinda like DUO,
because you can custom size
your boots to fit
in the ankle & calf...
and honestly, how amazing is that?

Their new collection
has me dreaming of tromping
through wet London streets
without the fear of frozen toes & wet feet.

(Editor's Note: My current boots are cheap and terribly made.)

It's almost as good of news
as the day I told my family
I had broken up with my boyfriend
and was going to marry Tyler.

To which they practically replied
"Tyler... who?"

So go get a cup of tea or coffee
and find a place that's really cozy...
this might take a while.

Plus, you'll get to see awkward pictures of me from college.

*    *   * 

If you want to enter the contest
(and I can't really blame you),
check out the details here.

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In Your Dreams, Baby Mama.

My good friend Beth Dotolo
is kind of famous.

At least,
you won't be able 
to convince me otherwise.

You've probably heard of her 
super cool totally unique design company,

{If not, now you have!}

She designed our little nursery
which you may have seen
of our tiny flat from earlier this year.

{If not, now you have!}

You've probably already seen
that they are currently doing a giveaway
for a gorgeous nursery
worth $6000
together with Tottini.

{If not, now you have!}

The giveaway is open to US residents
and you can sign up
for your chance to win!

So what do you think?

Have you put your name in the hat to win?

{If not, now you should!!}

*    *   *

*photography by Kevin Dotolo

Getting Cozy Around Here: HUSH Giveaway

I have to work really hard 
not to spend 100% of my life
in pajamas.

It's definitely an intentional effort that I have to make on a daily basis.

I have a cute Ted Baker silk robe
that I wear so much 
during my periods of working from home
that my husband refers to it
as my "day gown."

But this isn't about me.

It's about one of you scoring a posh pair of pjs from HUSH.

{Do you know that in the UK they call them "pyjamas?" Funny, huh?}

Well, they do.

And another thing they say here
is that HUSH makes some
 bomb-diggity pyjamas & nightwear.

{They also make cute every day clothes, too.}

Now one of you will get to say it 
where ever it is that you live, too.

They offered to give me a pair to check them out
but I'd rather one of you good people 
get to enjoy them.

I don't need thanks....
just maybe someone to make me coffee
and wash my beloved robe
every now and then for me
to keep me from becoming the stinky kid.

Oh and while you're in the middle 
of your online break from the day,
check out the pinterest boards 
I made with a little inspiration from the HUSH line.

A "WEEKEND AWAY" board that left me dreaming 
of a quiet cozy cabin (or you know, small chateau in France)
full of lazy mornings, sunlight, big mugs of coffee
brought into wake me in bed....
and some cozy PG pajamas/pyjamas to live in.

"CITY BREAK" with a quick roundup of everything fabulous
about a weekend away in a great city...
Paris, NYC, London, wherever.
Nothing like a quick recharge in the electric environment
of an amazing urban setting. Right?

And of course, "PRETTY. HOT. | Beach Style
which lends itself more to clambakes in Hamptons
than it does to bikinis in Mexico.

But then again, that should be no surprise to you...
this is Aspiring Kennedy, after all.

Good luck & enjoy!

*Winner will be selected July 8, 2013 at random.
*Entries will submit emails to HUSH email list.

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Get Yourself a Hunskie to A-Thread Apparel.

My freshman year of college,
I mandated a silly rule for myself:
I wasn't allowed to wear pants to class.

So every day
for that first year of school,
I would wear a skirt or dress to class.

I'm not sure why I decided to do this
bit I have three plausible theories:

1. I wore a uniform skirt for my entire life before college
and had become accustomed to sitting in a classroom setting
with goosebumps all over my legs.

2.  I wanted to rebel against all my friends
who wore pajama pants to class every day.

{Thank goodness that yoga pants replaced that as "slouch wear," right?}

3. I'm slightly prissy {read: ridiculous}.

It's probably a combination of all of three of those.

Anyway, all of that shallow psychoanalysis to say
that I really do like wearing dresses.

They make me feel like a lady...
and I think I look better in them than I do in pants.

{As I type that, I realize that was probably the ENTIRE reason I decided to not wear pants that year.}

But seriously,
what girl doesn't look great in a dress?

That's why I'm SO happy that one of you
is going to get the gift of looking great
{while showing off your sexy legs}
after you win $100 from A-Thread.

Because, people, they have some really cute stuff...
and more than just dresses, 
if they arent' your thing.

Remember that dress I blogged about earlier
and then wore on Easter Sunday?

Yep. It was A-Thread...
it was also only $33, 
so it was a flipping good deal.

And to make it an even better deal,
you can use ASPIRINGKENNEDY15 at checkout
to save 15% off any purchases.... holler.

Enter below for your chance to win $100 from A-Thread

Winner will be selected June 3, 2013.
Entering will get you on a-thread's email list for updates & deals!

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