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2013: An (Aspiring) Year In Review

In keeping up with tradition
of the past years (2011, 2012)
let's take a look at the highlights of 2013.













*  *  *

In some ways,
2013 was really similar to the others.

Lots of travel, London & mushy talk...

Yet, also different. 

Babies were added.
A baby was lost.

Our hearts shattered.
Our heart grew bigger than we ever imagined.

But mainly,
our lives were made so much better.

(Thanks, Viola.)

*  *  *

Thanks for being a part of this year.

Welcome to the next chapter
of our crazy adventure.

*photo by Noah Darnell

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Christmas Card | 2013

To each one of my readers,
who I humbly consider my friends...

Thank you for all you have done
to make this year more than bearable...
but making it wonderful for us 
in so many ways.

I hope that 2014 brings joy and light-heartedness
to your family...  and ours, too.

And if it doesn't...
He is still good.

Our love,
Tyler,  Lauren & Viola
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English vs American: Mince Pies

My grandpa used to love mince meat pies.

(mince meat pies = disgusting concoction having actual meat in it)

I used to gag seeing it.

To this day, I have absolutely no clue
what it was he was actually eating.

He passed away a few years before we moved to England,
or I was totally ask him to explain it to me.

And then I'd probably give him a really hard time about it
and he would laugh until his dentures would start to slide out of place. 

So cute.

Then we moved to England.

Our first Christmas, 
I politely passed at their tiny pastries
that were frequently offered
and internally judged their affinity
towards meat-laced pies.

The second year we were here, 
I started to suspect I was missing something.

So one brave day, 
I bought a pretty one
covered with a simply shortcrust start
and dusted with powdered sugar
and... well, I loved it.

Especially since

What is a mincemeat pie then?

Check out my friend, Will, of Bright.Bazaar's great tutorial here.

The best way that I can explain it is
that it is like an apple pie...
without any apple.

Not all are amazing,
but you can score some really tasty ones
during the Christmas season in England.

So there.

Now you're a little smarter
and a bit more prepared
to not miss out on this delicious holiday treat.

* * *

Do mince pies make your holiday line up?
Or do you pass on for peppermint bark?


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le vendredi noir

Since Britain doesn't really have Thanksgiving
(I know, shocker, right?)...
there isn't really a "Black Friday" to follow.

Except if you have access to 
ye olde world wide web
and can shop the sales
from your nifty computers.

I, honestly, haven't thought
for a second
about Christmas gifts this year.

I don't know what I really want
nor do I have any clue
what I want to give to people.

But man...
with deals like today,
it's hard not to get cracking.

Even if there wasn't an ocean
separating me from the shopping madness,
I would never head out to shop today.

But browsing online...
at home...
looking all terrible and bloated
after our Thanksgiving dinner last night?

Well, sure.

I'll play the Christmas elf
and share some of the sales I'm most excited about:

( 75% on selected items like my Logan Square diaper bag- $129!)

(25% everything + 7AM door busters. Use code: GOBBLE)
You can also find an amazing Black Friday list of handmade retailers here on their blog.

(Free shipping on tons of flash sales. I bought these baby tights for $10)

(Pretty much 10%- No codes needed!)

( 30% | use code: HOLIDAY)

(I'm a sucker for cheap DVDs.)

What about you?

Do you brave the madness of shopping on Black Friday
and I guess, contribute to it, also?

Or do you hang around home
and play your odds with what's available online?

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a good year: my addiction to wine.

The holidays are the perfect time
for writing cards expressing sentiment,
picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones,
baking a beloved family recipe...  
and, of course, wine.

image via

Whether it's mulled wine in a Christmas market,
sparkling wine toasting to the year at close, or
for many people, as the cure for too much time 
spent up close & personal
with relatives you'd rather not be related to...

But this year,
can I suggest it 
as the antidote for 
a humbug holiday attire instead?

because that's exactly 
what I'm about to do.

My crush on this wine-stained obsession
started when I bought (via ebay)
my first pair of Lanvin flats.

Since then,
it seems to be popping out at me
at every flick of the magazine page.

It just seems perfect for this time of year...
paired with glittery gold accents
or muted with a toned-down olive or camel,
it's just a good staple to have in your closet
for the winter months ahead.

Before your head starts to get fuzzy
from all this wine babble,
let me just leave it with some quick pics.

... and I'll finish my Ocado food order 
for our Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.

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