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Here And There

Well, I was in London...
but now we're in Texas.

After a few days 
of traveling, jet-lagging, binge eating, and hustling,
we are now
unwinding, getting back to working, and detoxing...

...oh yeah, and blogging.

Nothing too fancy,
but I thought I would brighten your Tuesday
(it is Tuesday right?)
with some things
that have been snagging my attention.

. . .

I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last night...
Tyler & I both agreed Ben Stiller is getting better looking with age,
however, we disagreed about liking the movie.
(Him = meh. | Me = yay.)

Anyone else love it as much as me?


I'm giving my site a facelift 
with the help of the always fabulous, Kelly.

She just does the best site design...
I'm such a big fan.

(Look for the updated, spiffy look soon.)


I may be the last girl on the planet 
not to have a Kate Spade cell phone...
but I finally got one (from here)
after my long-standing $5 amazon find busted.


I can't believe our babymoon
was over a year ago.

Man, that trip was fun.

Enough fun for this pregnant girl
to forget she was the size of Italy
and waddle around the streets of Venice
 for hours on end
while her legs swelled to the size
of giant salamis...

What I would give 
to be back in that moment...

I think I'd freeze time and just stay there forever.


Baby GAP came out with a Paddington Bear collection.
Be still my beating (or was it bleeding?) wallet.

Also along the
I-need-to-stop-spending-our-clothing-budget-on-baby lines:

I'll blog about them more later
when I host a giveaway for Minnetonka,
but in the meantime- $20 for a pair. 

They even got a "those are ridiculously cute" from Tyler...
who, if you know Tyler, doesn't say those kinds of things
just to make me feel good about my shopping haul.


Also, the lady-sized pair is pretty great 
for loafing around the house in...
I already am dreaming of a rainbow of them in my closet.


Oh, and speaking of giveaways...
tomorrow, there's going to be one here
for one of my favorite travel bags by Ellington.

Be back later this week for your chance to win.

. . .

And now, 
me and my Costco-sized tub of JIF
are headed to the couch
with an apple, The Sound of Music
and absolutely no shame.

(Okay, fine... a little shame. Stupid detox.)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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Girls will be Girls.

Though the settings may change
as life evolves and moves on,
the ridiculous female shenanigans continue.

I think we all shake our heads
and "mmmm hmmmm" when we hear such talk...

But it's still happening.

So can we all make a promise:

Can we, as ladies,
just believe that people are doing
 the best that they can
and to take things for face value.

I think it would do the world some good.

How do you deal with girl drama?

Confront it & nip it in the bud?
Or ignore it and hope it goes away?

(Me? I think there is a time and place for both responses.)

*    *    *

While you're dreaming up a response,
here are some cute picks
that I hope every girl can agree on...

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England is Great. Immigration is Awful.

Everyone do a little happy dance
in your sticky public transport seat on your commute,
or from your perch on the living room sofa,
or your creaky desk chair in your cubicle...
or wherever else you may be
as you read this...

Because after six weeks of the UKBA
(read: UK Border Agency)
loosing our birth certificates, marriage certificates, 
social security cards, residence cards, tax documents...
and, oh yeah, our passports-
they have finally been found
and delivered back to us!

And all you Americans
can also join me
 for a little added twirl
celebrating the special fact
that as of this weekend
 this trio will be on your continent
for a brief little tour of duty
before our Paris days begin.

.   .   .

Or comment below with the most awesome thing
that's happened to you this week
for a chance to (easily) top mine.

*photo by noah darnell for aspiring kennedy

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Notting Hill: Family Style

When you live in Notting Hill,
the increase in rent
requires a sacrifice of the size of home
you could get in other areas of London.

So for us, 
"home" expands beyond the four walls of our tiny flat
and into the picturesque neighborhood that surrounds us.

The bustling market
full of once-loved treasures,
the pretty cafes that tempt you as you pass by
with their windows piled with fresh goodies,
and the endless sea of the iconic colorful houses
all come with settling in Notting Hill...

... and we think that's worth more 
than a second bathroom
or extra storage space.

So after our Houzz shoot the other week,
we jumped at the chance to have
Noah Darnell shoot some pictures of our family
wandering through the neighborhood.

I had every intention of sending these out 
as our Christmas cards,
but it never happened.

Luckily, I still have an amazing selection
of really sweet pictures from that day.

Some that mirror the images
Liz took of us for my bump shoot
around Notting Hill.

I love having our lives at this point in time captured.

I have no doubt that if or when we move on from our lives here,
I'll pour over these pictures
and long to relive these days again.

(Thank you, Noah!)

Started in the 0.4% and now... that face. 

*images by Noah Darnell

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2013: An (Aspiring) Year In Review

In keeping up with tradition
of the past years (2011, 2012)
let's take a look at the highlights of 2013.













*  *  *

In some ways,
2013 was really similar to the others.

Lots of travel, London & mushy talk...

Yet, also different. 

Babies were added.
A baby was lost.

Our hearts shattered.
Our heart grew bigger than we ever imagined.

But mainly,
our lives were made so much better.

(Thanks, Viola.)

*  *  *

Thanks for being a part of this year.

Welcome to the next chapter
of our crazy adventure.

*photo by Noah Darnell

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