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The Perfect Duo: An Aspiring Kennedy's Love Story

You know how blogs always 
have contests and giveaways
to win this or do that
and we run you around the interwebs
liking and tweeting 
like it's going out of style?

Well, today
I'm that girl.

I've been drooling over DUO's boots 
the last few weeks
and when I saw 
their giveaway for a free pair,
I decided to join the fun
and enter the giveaway...

Which requires me to tell our love story
here on this little blog.

Have you ever heard ours?

it's good.

We have one that would make
Cinderella and her shoe-toting tale
feel a little insecure.

Okay, fine...
maybe not.

Maybe it's not universally perfect,
but it was the perfect fit for the two of us.

Kinda like DUO,
because you can custom size
your boots to fit
in the ankle & calf...
and honestly, how amazing is that?

Their new collection
has me dreaming of tromping
through wet London streets
without the fear of frozen toes & wet feet.

(Editor's Note: My current boots are cheap and terribly made.)

It's almost as good of news
as the day I told my family
I had broken up with my boyfriend
and was going to marry Tyler.

To which they practically replied
"Tyler... who?"

So go get a cup of tea or coffee
and find a place that's really cozy...
this might take a while.

Plus, you'll get to see awkward pictures of me from college.

*    *   * 

If you want to enter the contest
(and I can't really blame you),
check out the details here.

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Happy/Sad Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is this weekend. 

I can't believe how much has changed in a year.

This time last year, 

we were just two kids 

having fun living between Paris & London.

And then, I got pregnant.

{This was the video I took to record the moment- live from the bathroom of a Chinese massage parlor- ha!}

We began to dream of new our life with the three of us.

Until we found out it would actually be the four of us.

Our hearts swelled with anticipation

of the two sweet girls headed our way.

We felt like we had won the lottery.

For those nine months, we both glowed.

Dreams of walking the streets of London

each holding a little girl

amused our every thought.

We'd see little girls plodding along the sidewalk

and give each other side glances and smiles.

Life was never so sweet.

And then everything changed.

Tyler became a father.

I became a mother.

But life looked different than we thought it would.

Our world has changed from so much.

Even thought we feel so much joy,
we aren't those careless kids anymore.

In the course of a year,

we've gone from having zero kids 

to two girls 
to one.

Even though it hurt

-both emotionally & physically, I might add-

I'd do it all again.

In a heartbeat.

It was worth it all

to become a mother to both of my beautiful girls

even if it was for so much shorter than we wanted.

And while our dreams 
of holding both of our sweet daughters
throughout life's adventures are now gone,

I'm so thankful for those months I was lucky enough to carry them both.

Happy Mother's Day 
to all of us...

Those of us who raise babies.

Those of us who once raised babies.

Those of us who still wait for their turn to hold their baby.

And those of us who will always miss our babies.


Lots of love from my {aching/joyful} heart to yours.

*PS Me & Blogger are in a fight over this wonky formatting. 

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My Baby Daddy

Often times lately, I've felt overwhelmed with love
from our friends & family
during the start of our little family.

Other times, I feel so tired from crazy newborn sleep
that the world around me seems a bit like a blur.

And, maybe more than I'd like to admit,
I feel like pulling the curtains closed
and crying my eyes out.

But amidst all the up & downs,
I'm constantly finding myself on the high 
watching Tyler become a dad to my baby girl.

Even though you've probably heard it a thousand times
from a thousand other girls, 
I'm going to say it again:

Watching your man love your baby
is one of the most attractive things he'll ever do.

Check out that sexy baby-wearing-man at the Oxford v. Cambridge Boat Race.

You heart will inflate so big
you might worry it will pop out of your body
and land on the pile of baby clothes 
sitting on the couch cushion next to you
waiting for two free hands to fold it.

Weekend stroll through Notting Hill

You'll stop & stare all googley-eyed at them
and feel like you are the luckiest girl in the world. 

Just a few days old eating dinner at the Prince Bonaparte Pub

Because even though he may be showering another person
 with his love & attention
and giving up a piece of his heart to them...'ll also kinda feel like 
he couldn't show his love to you in a better way.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
*instagram username: aspiringkennedy

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Official Documentation- Bebes on Board!

Here's a confession:

I've always felt really uncomfortable
looking at people's maternity pictures.

Something about the belly showing
with ribbons wrapping around inverted belly-buttons
and fluffy layers of tuille draped over lady parts
always left me feeling... a little weird.

So when people asked who/what/when
I was going to do for ours maternity pics,
I kinda shrugged it off
as "not really my thing."

However, after going through
this amazing miracle of growing a human (or two) 
inside of my body,
I kinda softened up on the concept
and realized that, yes, it is a special time
and I will want to remember in the years to come.

Plus, the idea that the talented Liz Denfeld could distract
the awkwardness typically associated
with maternity pictures
with the gorgeous surroundings
of Notting Hill really helped.

{Warning: There are quite a few here, apologies.}

When I look at these pictures,
I can't help but smile.

I was released from the hospital 
the evening before
after a pre-eclampsia scare 
that left me with puffy eyes and swollen legs...
and as much as part of me cringes
looking at myself looking so... well, pregnant,
the other part of me is actually pretty proud
of all that my body is doing.

Having a face that looks like I've been crying
and two chubby legs
in exchange for being 8.5 months pregnant
with two healthy girls
growing well inside me?

It's an easy swap.

It's amazing that God made our bodies to pull this feat off...
and I'm thankful for Liz 
for snapping up this special time in our life.

*all images by Liz Denfeld. 
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A Royal Baby Shower

While I may have anticipated pregnancy including
 blowing out of my clothes,
flares of emotional absurdity,
and a slew of other unwelcome aspects,
one thing beautiful about pregnancy I never anticipated
was the outpouring of LOVE that I would experience.

 I have been blown away
by the amount of love and support 
that has been gifted to us during this time.

Not only does it remind me 
of how lucky we are to have such great people in our life,
but it's also been a good reminder
of how important it is
to gift that sort of love and attention to others...

{Because being treated like a princess feels amazing.}

While in the States in December,
I was spoiled absolutely rotten 
with beautiful showers 
in Dallas & Oklahoma City....

So when my friends in London
hosted a THIRD shower for me this weekend,
it almost felt like too much.

Almost. :)

The afternoon was intimate,
attended by a handful of girls I adore,
and prettier than a Pinterest dream...

It was a "Royal Baby Shower"
completely decked out in gold & glitter
for our two princesses. 

{Kate Middleton only wishes 
her sister threw parties this adorable.}

Homemade Tahitian Vanilla & Coconut Cake? I ate an enormously huge wedge of this. Recipe here. 

Sparkly sugar cookies that tasted like a dream and flaky palmiers.


Thank you Amber & Helena 
for hosting this gorgeous day for
me and my little girls...
I can't believe all the work and love 
you both put into making this day so special.


Thanks to all my blogging friends
who sent in your secret videos for the day.

Oh my goodness...
it was fantastic to see all of your sweet faces
make a surprise appearance at the shower.


And a special shout out to Liz  for flying in from Amsterdam
for the weekend to celebrate & take maternity pics for us...
what an amazing gift!

*images original to A Diary of Lovely.

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