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Venice of the Past

One thing that makes Venice

so incredibly endearing
is the old world charm
that sleepily drifts between 
each of it's lonely canals.

While it's hard to wander through this city,
see flooded homes that are now quietly locked up
and wonder about the people and days
that used to occupy this now quiet city.

I can't speak for the ornate years
of Venetian splendor,
but I do know that two years ago
we sure did have an awesome time there
while celebrating our anniversary.

While we are back in Venice today
 drifting around from canal to canal today,
here's a look back to our 4th anniversary...
when I made my first video for a trip
and still didn't really understand 
how to erase the background noise.

{We've all got to start somewhere, right?}

Have a great weekend!

*video original to Aspiring Kennedy

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Homeward Bound- The AK Movie

Today I'm flying to the States
for a short visit home
to be pampered by some really amazing women
who are spoiling our babies with showers.

{We feel pretty loved.}

I'm flying solo on this leg
until Tyler arrives later next week.

While that may seem pretty standard,
it's actually a thought that is rocking my world.

I've flown these long-hauls flights so many times alone over the years.

Whether I was flying home from a summer in Africa in college,
flying to/from a trade show in Italy for work,
or heading to the States while Tyler was in classes at Oxford,
I'm pretty used to doing this on my own.

So the idea that this will probably be the last time I do this journey alone 
for the unforeseeable future 
is kinda rocking my world.

I made this video last year 
for an American Airlines promo last year
and, for some silly reason,
it still gets me when I watch it.

Something about traveling, family, heading home, Coldplay...
well, it just combines so many things that I love in one short little clip.

Bon Voyage!

Is it bad luck to wish that for yourself? 

Oh well! 

With as much as my back aches while sitting these days, 
I'm taking all the self-prescribed well wishes I can get. :)

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Downton Abbey: Back in Britain

Some of my stateside friends
were bemoaning the airing 
of Downton Abbey's Season Three premier 
here in the UK last night.

Yeah, sucks to be you America.

I'm totally kidding,
 I love America...
but it is tragic that you won't have it
until several months down the line.

When I am into a series,
whether it is book or film,
I absolutely hate when people drop spoilers.

{Wouldn't that be soooo Edith of me?}

When someone is a step ahead of me in reading or watching 
and starts a sentence with the phrase,
"I'm not giving anything away, BUT.... "
it makes me fussy.

Because, as well all know, they actually DO give something away.

With that perspective in mind,
I'm going to do my very best to keep quiet 
on the weekly happenings of Downton
until my American friends can catch up.

So since I can't tell you any details,
I'll just tell you...
the awesomeness that you fell in love with
from Seasons 1 & 2,
well... it's still there.

My mom was here watching it with me 
and we were in the zone.

You have good things waiting for you.

While you're dreaming of Season 3,
here are some dreamy shots of my favorite, Lady Mary Crawley.

*images sourced via
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Di-Namic Duo: Naomi & Diana

So you remember my friend, Holly, that tried on jeans
next to Kate Middleton the other day?

Well, in my excitement over her GAP encounter,
I didn't even mention the fact that 
the night before she posted a picture
of the new Naomi Watts movie
being filmed outside her house.

Typically this would be top priority...
but the Duchess trumps film crews.

It's a fact.

Anyway, they were literally outside her window
shooting a scene for the new movie.

You know, the one where Naomi Watts 
is attempting to relive the tragic last two years
of Princess Diana's life.

Those are some dyed-satin pumps I would not want to try to fill.

But have you seen the pictures of Watts in character?

It's pretty amazing.

Hopefully, the directors and writers are paying as much attention to detail
as wardrobe is at accurately recreating Lady Di's last few years.

I can't wait.

And in the meantime,
since the movie won't be released until 2013 ,
I'll be stalking my friend Holly 
just in case she bumps into anymore amazing situations.

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Midnight Ellum

You know how you know certain people 
from a long time ago...
and regardless of how many years pass,
 you still see them as the same person they were when you first met?

They are kinda immortalized in that younger version of themselves
when the only direction you both had in life 
was towards Sonic Happy Hour.

And most of the time, you see them through those lenses,
except for random moments when the fog is lifted 
and you see them for the person they are today....

and you realize, dang, actually your friend is amazing.

That's how I feel today after watching the video my friend, Laura, posted.

I mean, I knew she picked up playing the bass when we worked together in Dallas,
I knew she started a band called The Black Frames with her brother, Tommy, & friend, Patrick,
but between living an ocean apart and her being incredibly humble,
that's about all I knew...

Until today when I watched this video of her band's new song, Midnight Ellum.

And it's totally awesome.

Three cheers for friends who grow into the best versions of themselves.

What's the best new song you've heard this summer?

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