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Your prize for being good all year.

In the midst of gift guides
that are scatted around the inter webs
at this time of year
pointing you in the perfect direction
for buying for loved ones...

It's prudent to keep you eye out
for what you'll be buying
with your own Christmas cash
in the post-Christmas sales.

Doesn't it always seem that you end up 
with a few crisp bills
from relatives at this time of year. 

I love it.

So I like to pre-shop a bit...
so that when those mark downs hit,
I can snag them.

Here are some of my favorite picks under $50...
minus the awesome boots.

And remember,
if online shopping isn't going to cut it for you
and you're forced to trek out to the mall...

Stay hydrated  
(skinny gingerbread latte)
and keep energized
(peppermint ice cream)
so you don't wear out
and fully enjoy the holiday madness.

Happy Christmas!

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a good year: my addiction to wine.

The holidays are the perfect time
for writing cards expressing sentiment,
picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones,
baking a beloved family recipe...  
and, of course, wine.

image via

Whether it's mulled wine in a Christmas market,
sparkling wine toasting to the year at close, or
for many people, as the cure for too much time 
spent up close & personal
with relatives you'd rather not be related to...

But this year,
can I suggest it 
as the antidote for 
a humbug holiday attire instead?

because that's exactly 
what I'm about to do.

My crush on this wine-stained obsession
started when I bought (via ebay)
my first pair of Lanvin flats.

Since then,
it seems to be popping out at me
at every flick of the magazine page.

It just seems perfect for this time of year...
paired with glittery gold accents
or muted with a toned-down olive or camel,
it's just a good staple to have in your closet
for the winter months ahead.

Before your head starts to get fuzzy
from all this wine babble,
let me just leave it with some quick pics.

... and I'll finish my Ocado food order 
for our Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.

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Style Me (Mini): Little Picks with Big Appeal.

While I was pregnant with two girls,
I only ever bought one of anything.

For some reason, 
the idea of matching wasn't my thing.

I went more for "coordinated."

With everything that happened,
it ended up that Viola has a ton of clothes...
and, fortunately, we didn't have a ton of duplicates
to have to cry over deal with.

I like to think 
that Viola is honoring her sissy 
by wearing them well.

Tyler & I always say
that we honestly don't know
if our hearts could have taken
looking at double this cuteness everyday.

Can you even imagine?

I do all the time...


And now to downshift from the emotional to the everyday
so quickly you may get whiplash
- because that's what grieving actually feels like-
here are some awesome baby clothes.

Like, really really awesome things
that I would love to scoop up for Viola
to wear this fall.

I can just tell that autumn & a spring in Paris
are going to look good on her.

Hopefully, her mom remembers to keep it fresh, too.

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Aspiring Kennedy: Summer Style

I won't claim to be fashionable...
I just shop with two main goals:

1. To find what fits my body
2. To find it on clearance

Even though those two driving forces
are what guide me to building my wardrobe,
I do pay a lot of attention to what others are wearing...
and I do think I have a good sense for what works
and what is (and should be) a fleeting trend.

{Editor's Note: Though to be honest, I do love some trendiness.}

Maybe that is what building a great look really adds up to:

    2  parts of timelessness    +  1 part of trendy accent   = Well curated outfit.

Who really knows....

Either way, this is what I'm feeling for this summer....
which looks perfect for the amazing weather we are having here this week.

Non-stop sun?

I feel like I'm dreaming.

It's never felt so good to sweat.

warby parker mallory frames | diptyque roses candle | piperlime camo tee | matthew williamson scarf 
laura mercier mineral powder + 15spf | ampersand pillow | marc by marc jacobs watch | gap leather tote

What pieces- timeless or trendy- have you added 
to your summer look?

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Patch Hits the Target

A few months ago, 
I was really excited to see
that my once-friend/colleague, Don Carney
was doing a collaboration for Target
from his studio, Patch.

I was lucky enough to get to know Don 
while working my old job in the States
and I have to say,
he is a sweet, old soul.

And he always smelled... so yummy. 

I was eager to see his collection debut
but to be honest...
life distracted me
and I forgot about it
until browsing the clearance section
on Target's home tab today.

First of all, the collection is REALLY cute.

I love how the collection blends dark, moodiness
with bright gem colors.

Perfection, I tell you.

Second of all, now that it has been out for a few months
you can get about half of it on clearance.

So, obviously, I did just that.

gold candlestick holder $15 | rug, $12.50 | glass tumblers $6.99 | teal & black pillow $8.74 | geometric triangle pillow $8.74

See what I mean?

Prices are so good on these awesome pieces...
and, in my opinion, the perfect way to spend that
little bit of remaining Christmas cash 
that Santa left for you in your stocking.

Happy Shopping!

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