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The French Camel

There are tons of reason 
I'm excited to get back to France,
but I can't deny that 
the refresh to my style 
won't be a big one.

I've been wearing the same clothes
for a realllly long time...
pretty much since we last were in Paris.

Not that I'm waiting to 
dump beaucoups of cash
in the haute couturiers of France...

But simply because I'm so inspired
by the effortless chic style
of the women in Paris.

I need to absorb some of that...
because the look I have is 
miles away from chic.

It's more.... 
wrinkled and snagged.

One item I do have ready
from our last life in Paris
is my camel coat.

photo by noah darnell

This piece is perfect for Paris
in so many ways.

It's dressy, but quiet.

It's warm, but allows layers.

It's casual, but cleaned-up.

It's one of my favorite souvenirs I've ever bought.

It makes me feel 40% less of an impostor
and almost like a local 
wandering through places like the Luxembourg Gardens.


In the post-Christmas sales,
there are some more great tan coats
currently up for grabs.

Check my picks below
to update your look
with items that are tres cheap.

(Well, at least, at great sale prices.)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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FOURSALE: Chunky Knit Scarf (Mini)

Yesterday, Viola & I needed some fresh air after two days in the house per doctor's orders to stay home and avoid risking another infection.

I was booooored. 

So, I threw on her coat, bow and scarf and headed out to get some sunshine. We lasted about 4 minutes until she started trying to eat leaves and my neighbor came up to chat telling me all about the terrible flu her family is passing around to each other. (Cue Lauren inching back up the steps towards the door.) But before the leaves and the plague debacle, I got to snap a few pics of Viola showing off her new Christmas scarf that Tyler's mom made her. And promptly posted to Instagram. (Naturally.)

And then my inbox got flooded with emails asking where it came from. So, I called up my mother-in-law and asked her to be the next foursale for this little old blog. And, since she loves us, she said yes.

So here you go:

The cutest baby scarves you ever saw. They are no-fuss and super cute. The wooden button is easy to fasten anywhere you like on the scarf.

Go getcha one and channel that baby-sitting-on-some-steps-in-Notting-Hill look. And if you don't have a nino, you can get one in adult size to match the one she made me. It has three wooden buttons and can button into tons of combos. I'll be wearing the crap out of mine this spring in the frigid Paris winter.


Sizes Available:

Baby | Child £16.00 GBP + shipping

Adult £25.00 GBP + shipping

A few notes:

  • Since my mother-in-law will be making these by hand custom for Aspiring Kennedy, please allow 10-15 business days for your order to arrive!
  • US shipping only. If you live outside the US, just email me and we can get you sorted with one, too!
  • I love babies in scarves.


*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


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a good year: my addiction to wine.

The holidays are the perfect time
for writing cards expressing sentiment,
picking out the perfect gift for your loved ones,
baking a beloved family recipe...  
and, of course, wine.

image via

Whether it's mulled wine in a Christmas market,
sparkling wine toasting to the year at close, or
for many people, as the cure for too much time 
spent up close & personal
with relatives you'd rather not be related to...

But this year,
can I suggest it 
as the antidote for 
a humbug holiday attire instead?

because that's exactly 
what I'm about to do.

My crush on this wine-stained obsession
started when I bought (via ebay)
my first pair of Lanvin flats.

Since then,
it seems to be popping out at me
at every flick of the magazine page.

It just seems perfect for this time of year...
paired with glittery gold accents
or muted with a toned-down olive or camel,
it's just a good staple to have in your closet
for the winter months ahead.

Before your head starts to get fuzzy
from all this wine babble,
let me just leave it with some quick pics.

... and I'll finish my Ocado food order 
for our Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.

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Pack Your Bags: Serengeti Safari with Sanctuary Retreats!

Most of the time, 
these Pack Your Bags series 
offer my inside knowledge 
of how to travel
to & from different places.

But today,
I'm just telling you what to pack
if you were headed on a 
safari through the Tanzanian Serengeti
with Sanctuary Retreats...

I'm packing my unlimited-Mary-Poppins-of-a-bag
stuffed full of everything that I'd love to have with me.

*    *   *
Why leave it at a packing list?

Because there's nothing else you need to worry about.

When you travel with a safari outfitter like that-
they take care of all the other details.

When my dad turned 50,
he took our family on a safari
through Kenya & Tanzania.

I'm tempted to label the experience as 
"once in a lifetime,"
except I have hopes of repeating it 
someday with Tyler.

So I'll just leave it at "amazing" for now.

If you're planning a honeymoon, getaway,
or just looking for an experience of a lifetime-
Sanctuary Retreats will offer you options 
that will leave you drooling 
more than a lion over a zebra carcass.

* * *

You can also take a peek at my #virtualsuitcase 
that I "packed" on Pinterest with Sanctuary here.

*this post was sponsored by Sanctuary Retreats.

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The Perfect Duo: An Aspiring Kennedy's Love Story

You know how blogs always 
have contests and giveaways
to win this or do that
and we run you around the interwebs
liking and tweeting 
like it's going out of style?

Well, today
I'm that girl.

I've been drooling over DUO's boots 
the last few weeks
and when I saw 
their giveaway for a free pair,
I decided to join the fun
and enter the giveaway...

Which requires me to tell our love story
here on this little blog.

Have you ever heard ours?

it's good.

We have one that would make
Cinderella and her shoe-toting tale
feel a little insecure.

Okay, fine...
maybe not.

Maybe it's not universally perfect,
but it was the perfect fit for the two of us.

Kinda like DUO,
because you can custom size
your boots to fit
in the ankle & calf...
and honestly, how amazing is that?

Their new collection
has me dreaming of tromping
through wet London streets
without the fear of frozen toes & wet feet.

(Editor's Note: My current boots are cheap and terribly made.)

It's almost as good of news
as the day I told my family
I had broken up with my boyfriend
and was going to marry Tyler.

To which they practically replied
"Tyler... who?"

So go get a cup of tea or coffee
and find a place that's really cozy...
this might take a while.

Plus, you'll get to see awkward pictures of me from college.

*    *   * 

If you want to enter the contest
(and I can't really blame you),
check out the details here.

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