Queen of Arts.

I have a thing for calligraphy... in a pretty big way.

{Remember when I lived in Dallas and worked in luxury paper?}

Every time I see simple text transformed into artwork,
I fall in love again.

There's little better than seeing you own name 
in all it's flourished & embellished glory!

Here are some of my favorite pieces we did 
with one of my favorite magazines- DWeddings.

calligraphy by Tara Jones
calligraphy by Boo Owens
calligraphy by Natalie Clarkson

Isn't that letterpress & calligraphy a killer combo?
It's to paper what leopard skin & red soles do for a shoe...

If you are looking for a great stationer- try my friends at Bell'Invito.
{You won't find better printing in the world.}

If it's a hand-penned piece you're after try my favorites:

You'll recognize her work from the calligraphy
 seen here on Aspiring Kennedy- a personal favorite!

She did my wedding, and is the sweetest woman in all of Texas.
(Oh, and talented, too! D Magazine named her Best of the Best for 2010.)

Everyone loves her work- I promise you will, too.

Handmade precision- fit for a Queen 
(As a matter of fact, Susie Melissa does do addressing for Buckingham Palace.)

Her artwork embodies the traditional elegance- with a gorgeous flourish.

* photos courtesy of D Magazine, Spring Brides 2009