Band Together

After much thought and consideration,
I have decided...

that I'm more of a Blair
than I am a Serena.

Maybe it's just the dark hair,
but I can relate.

I can especially relate to her headbands.

I love a good headband,
and Blair Waldorf wears one well.

It's like her subtle tiara
on the Upper East Side.

Sometimes I need to indulge
my inner Gossip Girl
with a gorgeous headband
a la Blair Waldorf.

I always seem to head to the same places....

where it all began...

N's selection has grown to be quite impressive...

{who knows brat teen culture better?}

*XOXO to the CW for letting me borrow these images.
Posted on August 23, 2010 and filed under "beauty", "new york", "shopping", "style watch".