It's Greek to me...

So I've been told I'm a cheeseball.

I am likened to Galinda from Wicked.

I am compared to giddy Alice Cullen.

I openly admit that I lean towards 
obnoxiously cheesy and happy (albeit dorky) things.

{e.g: musical soundtracks, over-use of glitter, coloring with scented markers, 
and religiously dressing up in pink & red on Valentine's Day}

Yet, I scornfully think that
Mamma Mia 
is the most ridiculous movie
I've ever seen.

The thing is:
I know some very respectable, talented, & fashionable people
that LOVE this movie...

And I don't get it.

Dorky me, of all people,
 should love this movie.

Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, Greek Isles for a backdrop, 
and ABBA lyrics as the majority of the script.

All the important elements for a good movie are there.

But, alas,
 I can only turn my nose up to it.

Maybe it's the stylist's unabashed use of overalls.

It could be Pierce Brosnan's awkwardly terrible singing.

Perhaps it's that it's Meryl Streep singing ABBA
in place of Agnetha or Frida.

I really can't put my finger on it-
but I want to hear your opinion.

Love it
 leave it?

Posted on July 15, 2010 and filed under "movies".