Brave New World

I am moving 
to another continent
in 16 days, 
and I have:

                                             * no visas or passports back from the consulate
                                             * 2 cars to sell
                                             * no word back from our student loans
                                             * 3 million friends to say see before we leave
                                             * a bank account that gets smaller every day.

I want to hide just thinking about it all.

I have no doubt it will all come together-
{like things always have a way of doing...}
but in the meantime,
I'm in need of a mental pep rally
to remind myself that all this work is worth it.

This is when I start dreaming of...


Have you ever tried this stuff?
It is so yummy!

Rhubarb is everywhere in England.

I can bake tarts, cakes, pies...

{I bet Pioneer Woman could throw down in the kitchen with some rhubarb.}

....Sweet glorious rhubarb...

Once I get all these hellish endeavors completed to England,
I can cook to my hears content with this local staple.

So as much of a fat kid reason as that may be,
it gives me a little jolt of motivation 
to sit through the horrific music on the other end of call waiting
with the British Consulate for another 45 minute
as I pathetically attempt to track down our passports.

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Posted on August 10, 2010 and filed under "England", "baked goods", "dessert".