Blog Crawl: My Life As A {Spell} Book...

Thanks to pretty Blair 
for sending you to Aspiring Kennedy.

I was thrilled to see that Beth Dotolo of Hello Splendor
 chose to kick her piece off with a nod to Twlight. 

My excitement came 
partially because I love Twilight.

However, it was mainly due 
to the fact that I had chosen to base MY post 
around a certain series 
that is near & dear to my heart: 
Harry Potter!

My Life Is An Open {Spell} Book

The Setting:

Hogwarts, of course.

Well no, not actually Hogwarts-
but perhaps the closest place we can get in the Muggle world:
Oxford, England!

 My husband is a student at Oxford,
and it’s a different world here.

We have dining halls,
ancient libraries,
 and all the ancient spook factor
one HP fan could hope for.

Oxford is missing the flying brooms & dragons,
 but I’m still have my hopes up
 they'll both turn up soon.

The Characters:

 My Harry Potter. 

The Chosen One.

 He was the only wizard that could really put the love spell on me.

Halloween 2007. I love this!

 Me, Lauren:
Hermione Granger

I'm a booky-but-sensitive-know-it-all 
with uncontrollable hair
{that is looking better as I get older}.

I also look smashing in Burberry 
(just like Emma Watson).

 My family:
The Weasleys.

The whole gaggle of us.
 I love them all- 
and we have a rampant case
 of red hair running through my nephews & nieces 
which obviously only makes them more endearing.

Halloween 2007 with our nephew.

 My friends:
Dumbledore's Army.

Those in the magic world of blogging, 
and the muggle world ... non-bloggers.

Some that hang near & dear are
 Beth of Hello Splendor, Laura of Something Legit, Kellee of If the Shoe Fits, Grant of Cashmere Cowboy, Jenny of Thompson Tales,  Kelly of Fab K, Heather at Social Thread, and Victoria of Victoria Wall Photography.

photography by Kevin Dotolo

The Plot:

Newly arriving from the backgrounds that shaped us,
Tyler & I are in the process of 
getting educated in a new magical world.

We love England,
and are daily enchanted
with the small nuances of everyday life.

Things like
 “white” tea,
bicycle commutes,
and mid-morning rain
are constantly bewitching us.

The Twist:

Like every good book should,
{in my opinion}
 our story carries
a theme of love
through it’s entirety.

 The relationships with our families & friends
are of epic proportion.

Has any other couple ever felt so rich in love?

We hope so.

While many may doubt
if the love
Tyler & I have together
 can be so real-

 the answer is YES!

Our hope is
that above all the tricks & titles
 life may pass our way…
 we will share the love
 that has been given freely to us 
with others.

Continue on our blog crawl tomorrow
 at the amazing blog of

Emily is one classy girl... 
who's life is so fancy- 
it might be leatherbound.

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