Aspiring Kennedy- Status Update

We saw The Social Network yesterday...
and  I really "liked" it.


in countering his portrayal-
but regardless of how you feel about him, 
the story of Facebook is really incredible.

I'm the same age as Mr. Zuckerburg, 
and, to me, the movie perfectly rolled out Facebook. 

It offered a very realistic portrayal of the 
"facebook culture" that so rapidly developed 
as new Facebook features rolled out over the years.

In fact, it was a bit nostalgic.
{Remember the day we could add pictures? Or do a status update? Or "like" something? I do.}

To be honest, I *might* have liked the movie more 
once I learned
the Winklevoss twins
were in the class ahead of my husband
in Oxford's MBA Programme.

What better place to row than the Thames? image via

Speaking of Facebook-
I started a page for Aspiring Kennedy this week.

I would LOVE for you to come LIKE it.

What are your weekend plans?
Mine look something like this....

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