I Love It... aly.

I'll state the obvious:
I want a house in Italy...

This isn't an original idea...
others have bought them first,
and I know your own dreams 
would probably fall in line somewhere close by.

I just want a small place 
that I can go to fall 
into the rhythm 
of daily piazza life.

A place to someday take my kids,
where they'll learn to love gnocchi,
and sputter out their Americanized-Italian to the kids next door.

A place where my friends can take the keys, 
and slip away from busy work weeks amidst wine & sunshine.

A place that Tyler & I can enjoy our memories from when we were younger,
and place that is consistent through the years.

The dreamer that I am, 
finds solace and inspiration in these places...

Palazzo Pizzo- the blog of a family remodeling a house in Southern Italy.
 An honest diary of an old palace on a wall along the coast 
being remodeled via correspondence from Germany 
to their faithful Italian contractor, Angelo.

featured in the New York Times this week.

When I read Under the Tuscan Sun, I felt like I was on a vacation...
{well, I actually was in Palm Beach on vacation}
the book offers a much sweeter story than the movie.

Sometimes, I find a nice bowl of pasta to be quite delicious inspiring, too.


Oh man, do I love Italy. 

Where would you 
want to have 
a home-away-from-home?

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