Auntie Em

I love my family.

I really do.

It's huge, it's diverse,
and I have about a billion aunts scurrying about.

We aren't Greek, Latino, or Italian.

Just your average German farming community from Kansas.

{So, yeah, basically nothing like the actual Kennedy family... but that's another story.}

But if I could add one more Aunt to my family tree,
I'd pick Emma Thompson.

Doesn't she just seem to perfectly fit the role of an aunt?

I can just imagine Christmas now:

All of us sitting around the kitchen sipping coffee
while Aunt Emma...

tells us hilarious stories...
{like Elinor Dashwood with her sisters in Sense & Sensibility}

cries strong, feminine tears...
{like when Karen confronts her Sneaky Snape of a husband in Love Actually.}

or listens as we cried our own.
{like she comforts Liam Neeson when his wife dies in Love Actually}

But if I can't settle for having her be blood...

I'll guess I'll just have to settle for being her best friend.

**Did you know Emma is married to Willoughby (Greg Wise) from Sense & Sensibility?**
Posted on January 20, 2011 and filed under "England", "famous faces", "movies".