Role Play.

I wear many hats.
{literally & figuratively, I suppose.}

Between family life, work, & blogging...
it's a wonder I get my teeth brushed every day.

Naturally, when we all have so much going on-
we let things slide.

We have to.

{..this also helps me justify not working out...}

But one role that I never skimp on is 
my role of an aunt.

Because honestly- how could I not love these kids?

My sister had three boys that stole all of our hearts away...

...and then, viola, she got pregnant again.

This time with a little girl.

This little girl happily reigns my family's heart...
and today, I'm asking for her to be in yours, too.

My niece has spina bifida, and her spinal cord has tethered-
so today, this little one is having surgery.

It's risky surgery and a doozy of recovery,
{especially when you have three boys to take care of...}
but we have faith that God will take care of her.

{He sure has, so far!}

Thanks for your support, friends! 

xoxo- lauren

Posted on January 14, 2011 and filed under "babies", "love", "stonehaven".