Safari... So Good.

While I'm gone, 
I'm sending you on a mini-vacation of your own!

How does Africa sound?

{I always prefer an impromptu safari on a Saturday morning.}

And of course, only the best for Aspiring Kennedy readers...
{the best provider in the world}

Campsites with furnished tents & plumbing, personal drivers, 
private planes that land you in plains of zebras,
and nannies that insist on blowing on hot chocolate to cool it down for the kiddies...

Oh man... you are living when you travel with Micato!

And really,
 what family vacation would be complete 
without a conspiracy to con their gullible sibling 
into feeding a giraffe out of her mouth
under the guise that 
"everyone else already did it while you weren't looking?"

Enjoy your little get-away... 

I hope you packed light!

*all images are original to Aspiring Kenned. You're welcomed to use them.

Posted on January 8, 2011 and filed under "Jet Setting".