Monday Moods: I feel... fresh.

the four of us
 made a quick trip 
to London for the weekend.

While we were there eating our way through the city relaxing,
we made a stop at a new place for us all:

Holy rusty.

That market is amazing.

I spent the morning meandering through
very local, 
very gorgeous,
& very tempting food.

Which means this market is very likely to be revisited by moi.

Right off the London Bridge stop
the Borough Market is open from Thursday to Saturday.

{At first, it felt like I was walking through the beginning of My Fair Lady...
but Eliza Doolittle was nowhere to be seen}

Inside this dank & rustic market,
you'll find everything under the rainbow
from chorizo & chipotles
to starfruit & sour kraut.

Posted on February 21, 2011 and filed under "Jet Setting", "London", "monday moods".