Monday Moods: I feel... full.

I woke up this morning to Tyler sneaking in the door to our flat,
 and walked in to find this on the table.

Sweet, sweet boy.

He made a recreation of our favorite breakfast at Paul Bakery,
 propped up with flowers, & a hilarious card...
that magically dropped out two tickets to Ray LaMontagne when I opened it.

I was left in the afterglow of feeling like
 the luckiest girl in the world
when my buzzer rang.

Up to my door came a giant box
with a dozen roses from my dad.

My consistent Valentine...

{who even adored me as a chubby, awkward adolescent.}

What did I do next?
I boo-hoo'd like a baby alone in my flat.

I just felt a little overwhelmed by the two great men in my life.

I know people are cynical of Valentine's Day,
but I'll never resent a holiday that reminds me to spoil my loved ones.

Whether it's your love, your dad, your friend, or someone who just needs to feel special-
use today as an excuse to show someone else they are loved.

Or maybe even make them cry, like me.

Posted on February 14, 2011 and filed under "TK", "flowers", "holiday", "monday moods".