Souvenir Stylings: Provence, France

Hello again!

It's Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer,

Beth Dotolo

I'm charged with the task 
of designing her dream homes abroad 
and helping her recreate her travels at home.

...and by 'charged' I mean: 'out of the kindness of my heart'.

to Southern France for 'work'.

(Yes, that's real life.)

Southern France is known for
it's picturesque countryside & rural villages...

But, let's be honest,
Aspiring Kennedy ain't no farm hand! 

So we're taking French Provencal up a notch 
adding a little twist.

Because, even though 
Aspiring Kennedy 
is simple at heart... 

She's just plain... fancy. 

Now, that's a French countryside 
I could see Aspiring Kennedy
hanging her hat on. 

Here are a few great pieces
that can add a bit of that
French Provencal style,
without making your space 
look like a farm home...

If you could travel abroad 
and take that 'look' home with you,
where would you go?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,