The Dirty Dozen- Laura

12 Months. 12 People. 12 Questions

Today we are getting to know, Laura, of the Black Frames.

You may also know her as the blogger behind Something Legit,
{and the author of our own Alluring Kennedy series}
but her hidden talent is revealed this week with the debut 
of The Black Frames debut video: Legbone.

So Laura is a blogger, a bass player in a band, a world traveler...
and she has a full time job?

( ... I feel like an underachiever.... ) 

We asked Laura 12 Questions.

I have the other half dozen below.


What do you do when you aren't doing... it?

I like to go out to dinner with my friends,
travel, yoga, book club, watch movies, and go to shows.

How could you take "it" to the next level?

Video blogging my friends.
It's the next big thing.

What do you watch?

Every week, Tina Fey tells some of my story.
Also, episodes of Arrested Development. It never gets old.

When you aren't playing, what are you listening to?

What do you read?

It's about a chef in NY. I was hungry the whole time I read it.
I wanted to consume food... and it was wonderful.

Where are you going?

It's wedding season, so you'll find me in a few bridesmaid dresses this summer.
I just got back from the UK & France, so I'll be playing that off for a while.
Next summer though, Costa Rica. It can't come soon enough.


we asked Laura
at Hello Splendor to get 
the full picture!

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