If I Woke Up in Paris, I would... Vol 12

Some bloggers are just plain cute.
Like Iline of much love, illy.

I just love her. Isn't she the cutest?
So glad she is jumping in on the fun...
because her guest post is fun and will make ya giggle.

I promise.

If I woke up in Paris, I would...

First, I'd have this crazy shocked look on my face. "I promise that I'm not angry - just shocked!!"  I'll tell the crazy passer-by (assuming that I wake up on the street since I don't know where else I'd wake up). But then after I wake up from my shock, I'll have this look on my face out of pure excitement...

Let's also assume that I woke up with my bag and all of its junk - so yes, that'd include my wallet, cellphone, lipgloss, my dog (hehe, jk), fake mustaches, and beret! Let's also assume that my fiance (Ryan) is part of this crazy adventure. 

And of course, I would be ready with an amazing outfit like this one...

Once we get there, we'd call up one of my best friends, Tim (who happens to be a real live French man!) and have him show us around the city.

He has always promised to take me to one of the coffee shops - and I've always told him that I would love to sit under one of those little tables with an umbrella and sip my french coffee while wearing a beret and reading a book. So that is what I'll probably do, while the boys go off for a bit on their own leaving me with my French dream. 

However, while I'm reading my book I'll notice two interesting characters sitting next to me who'll look oddly familiar. Until I see the exploding fruit and the crazy confetti exploding all around, I'll finally realize who they are! As everything is exploding around me, I'll cover my ears and start screaming hysterically as the Juno-girl is doing the same, but then...

I'd wake up and realize it was all a dream! Just like the one my friends were having at the cafe. ;) Was it possibly a dream 
within a dream?! Hmmm...

Let's just hope that if I ever get that dream trip to Paris one day, it'll be more than a dream. It'll be a reality and maybe even get to visit some of my favorite blogger friends (ahem, Lauren) on that other side of the world!

Thanks for having me, Lauren!!! 

{see, I told you she was cute!}

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