La Shakespeare

I'm lucky to work with college students
who choose to study abroad in London & Paris.

I teach them things like
 British Culture, getting around on the Tube, 
& how to navigate a menu at an Indian restaurant.

And in return...
they teach me things like
internet hotspot shields that let me watch 30 Rock on Hulu,
Harry Potter movie star trivia,
& the "cool" places to go in all the European cities.

Last fall, 
my students were constantly scheming
of how to get a visit to Paris to visit

They had heard of it from students before them,
and were bubbling with excitement to make it there, I decided I need to check it out for myself.

 I went with my friends when we were in Paris,
and we looooved it.

This hidden gem
{cleverly disguised as a book shop} 
sits across the bridge from Notre Dame.

{Like literally, in it's front yard.}

Cozy corners to sit and read, old books mixed with new books, 
an outdoor area that overlooks the cathedral,
and the stamp of Mr. William Shakespeare inside the cover of our new books
left us resolved that this was pretty much...

 heaven on earth.

*photography by Rachel Johnson, 
  editing by Aspiring Kennedy
Posted on March 23, 2011 and filed under "France", "Paris", "books", "europe", "shakespeare", "work".