Time to Give Back

I sat down to my blog this morning,
 looked at the side bar,
and saw Aspiring Kennedy has 502 followers.

What the what?

Well, gee... 
thanks, you guys. 

I feel cool,
but we all know that what makes blogs grow 
is awesome readers that "get it,"
and subscribe for a daily dose.

Thanks for choosing to do that with my blog.

It's really nice of you.

In honor of the best readers
who are happy to sit in on my gushing, traveling, and general dorkiness...

I brought you back some souvenirs from my trip!

Raspberry Jam from LaDuree
{because macarons aren't great after a week in the mail}
Double Devon Toffees
{if I can't eat sweets, you should}
BIODERMA Make Up Remover
Harrod's Finest Earl Grey Tea
{afterall, only the best for my dear friends}

1. Be a follower of Aspiring Kennedy

2. Like me on facebook

3. Add Aspiring Kennedy to your blog roll

4. Follow me on twitter
{snag an extra entry for tweeting the giveaway!}

5. Donate to Japan

6. Tell me about your first kiss
{Aren't friends supposed to know this kinda stuff?}

Please remember to leave an extra entry for everything you do
so you get as many entries as you deserve!

I'll draw on Friday, Saturday March 26th...

Posted on March 22, 2011 and filed under "England", "France", "blog world", "giveaway".