Alluring Kennedy: Scotland

As you all know, I loved Scotland.
It is a place that will charm the pants of you...
{and possibly blow your hair into oblivion, if the wind is feisty.)

This Alluring Kennedy is highlighting all the right features
of Scotland...

landscape, fashion, and the famous men of the plaid.



Great Scot!

A place not often discussed, but what a glorious country. 
Have you been to St. Andrews, the Highlands, the Castles?

I traveled to Scotland once in college... 
and found it to be breathtaking.

... and then I saw some of these men 
and found them breathtaking as well...

(If you haven't seen him in this movie, you've missed out)

If only I could dress them in these looks from L.L. Bean 

I know right... LL Bean?
But trust me, friends.

 Its actually quite good.

I hope you enjoyed this passport voyage to Scotland 
as much as I enjoyed revisiting it. 

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