Monday Moods: I feel... Lochy.

Touring Scotland can sometimes leave you feeling a bit

... soggy, bloated, & cold...

But after a few days in the Highlands,
I'm only feeling glorious!

Our weekend on the Isle of Skye shocked me.

Literally, I never expected such sites here in the United Kingdom...

(and you know how much I love the United Kingdom.)

Dramatic hills, lush mountains sprinkled with Highland Coo's & sheep,
dreamy castles sitting cozily in the middle of a lake, 
small fishing towns that seemed pleasantly situated in times past,
& so much Cullen Skink (local Haddock chowder),  
even the most opposed eater-of-fish could become a convert.

But the most impressive sites were the lakes.

Err, excuse me...
the lochs.

Our weekend was full of random pit-stops
that found us standing in silence 
with our mouthes open & our cameras clicking
at the mirrored expanse sprawling before us.

As if one version of the scenery wasn't pretty enough-
the stillness of the water in the sunshine
gave us a bit of double vision.

How lucky!

trying to imitate this picture that i love

cruising loch ness looking for nessie... no luck here.

there she is! (at the visitor's centre) 

sunset at 10:30 pm at night on the isle of skye. crazy, right?

the prettiest sunset i've seen in a while. isle of skye.

lochs of love

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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