Four Sale- Golden Ticket (closed)

I've been working in London all week.

Between my working and waiting for off-peak travel time,
(I save £20 a day to wait two hours to come home... which really adds up) 
I've found myself in some pretty awesome stores-
which can also start to add up, actually.

And whaddaya know?

I found some jewelry.


I bought some for me,
some for my friends,
and, well- some for some of you.

I'm kinda into gold right now.

It just feels right.

So, like always, I have four of each of these items
up for grabs...

No returns- final sale
(because I can't take them back either!)

And don't worry...
I have already worn my own piece 
of each of these items this week,
and they are even cuter on than in pictures.

This set makes me feel naughty.
Something about the (faux) rose gold on the (faux) black leather
brings out the wild side in me.

kinda sassy, but kinda chic. n'est pas?

This one makes me think of my friend, Beth.
Doesn't this look just like her?
I think so. 
It reminds me of the jewelry line she used to create.

I love the distressed nicks in the wood offset by the gold pops.

I can so see this slinking down Beth's wrist.
This one makes me want a girls night out...
and a tan to wear it with on a beach.

.Simple details like this broad braid make me happy!

This one... is hard to photograph.

It's really simple and subtle,
but it has a great tassel that hangs underneath your wrist.
I love slight details like that...

and I loved how cheap it was- £2.50!


Here's one more view... better? I dunno.

Have you bought something on FourSale? 

Snap a pic with your purchase
and send it my way... 
we want to see how cute you are!!!


Posted on July 7, 2011 and filed under "four sale".