India: C&C Living

To continue on our journey through India,
the lovely Aimee from Chic & Cheap Living is here.

And her pictures are killing me.

(By the way, if you aren't a regular at her blog... I would recommend it!)

So I asked Aimee the big question:

What is the biggest surprise waiting for me in India?

And this is what she had to say...


Thanks Lauren for having me on your blog while you're away!  I'm an avid traveler and got to experience quite a few cities in India with a close friend a few years ago.

India's biggest surprise for me is its vast diversity.  
Before visiting India, I had a vision of India garnered from movies, magazines, and marketing material (Incredible India!) 
 But India is more than the bright colors and catchy music of Bollywood, 
it is a subcontinent containing a vast range of different landscapes, cultures, and people.

I attended a wedding in Goa 
which is a relaxed, sleepy beach town with Portugese influences 
(also seen in its religion and certain foods).

But I also marveled at the stunning, jewel tones and camels seen so frequently in Jaipur.  
The elephants, camels, and snakes (charmed of course) were also inhabitants of this area.  
The art and artistry in Jaipur was delicate, detailed, and stunning reminiscent of its illustrious past.

Varanasi and Sarnath are such humble, religious centers for Hindis and Buddhists, respectively.  
The serenity was apparent at the Banares Ghats in Varanasi any time you visited.

Delhi is a city of such history and heritage.  Whether you explore military sites 
such as Agra Fort or explore the relics of Humayun's tomb, 
you will see architecture that pays homage to powerful people and eras.

India truly is incredible and its different cities will offer every type of traveler a different perspective.  Have a great trip Lauren and I hope that you experience the India that youa re looking for!

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