Plat Du Jour: Goan Lunch

I am having a love affair with Indian food.

Our amazing chef here at Noi Varo
(the best villa in Goa!)
cooked us up an amazing traditional Goan lunch.

For two people,
it was a feast.

In fact, 
this entire set up keeps finding
Tyler & I both saying
how very Roman we feel.

It's just the two of us
and four full time staff here.

(What world is this?)

I know that seems like it must 
 cost a fortune to stay here,
but it really doesn't!

{And since I'm actually really cheap,
so you can trust me when I say that!}

So, if you ever want to live like Caesar or Octavia-
Noi Varo is your place.

On to more important things:
the lunch line up.

As Goa stretches along the Indian coast,
seafood is king.


is available on any menu here in Goa,
so it's only fitting it to be included.

In fact, fish is such a staple of the diets here in Goa,
a common greeting is: 
"What fish have you eaten today?"

{Talk about cutting to the chase.}

Next up,


I'm not sure what kind of fish this was,
but I can say it was a fresh white fresh
that was lightly breaded and really tasty.


I haven't had okra since leaving the states.
While it wasn't fried or from Bubba's,
this light side was perfect.


This is my staple order when we do Indian.
A vegetarian curry of potatoes & cauliflower.
Don't be scared. Just try it.


These cost about $0.50 per bowl 
and are how the locals keep their bellies full & happy.
(I'm not a huge shell fish fan, but Tyler really likes these.)

Anyone else think of "Drop Dead Gorgeous" when discussing not eating shellfish?


This Indian drink is an digestive aid...
and after a mammouth meal like this,
you're going to need all the help you can get.

It's definitely not sweet...
it tastes strongly of garlic,
but it's interesting and worth trying.

After all....
when in Rome.

What's the craziest-but-most-delicious thing you've eaten while traveling?

Posted on July 31, 2011 and filed under "delicious dish", "india".