Tosca at The Royal Opera

Tyler surprised me with tickets to the Royal Opera's Tosca
last month when we were home for my sister's wedding.

He laid them out for me on her wedding day as a gift to "his bride." 

I mean, seriously. 

I can't make this stuff up.

The boy is good.

So the big date came last Friday night...
we dolled up and headed out.


It was amazing.

and it wasn't my favorite.

Obviously, the music was still gorgeous
-especially, if you love Puccini, like I do-
but the set and staging was just... weird.

(The performance was actually  boo'd on opening night.)

But, ahh...
 the Royal Opera did such a fabulous job
portraying the rich beauty of this love story.

My favorite line was when Tosca sings to Cavaradossi (her lover):

"The world shall enchant us... until, together, we fade away."


Total romancy-pants,
I tell you.

Even Tyler loved it...
and as cheesy as he may seem 
and sweet notes I divulge with you...
the boy is really still a dude.

100% man.

So, boys-
listen up.

Splurge a bit.

Yield to her gooshy dreams a bit.

And who knows-
you may even get lucky... a bit.

Do you like the opera?
Or do you prefer concerts or plays?
Posted on July 6, 2011 and filed under "London", "TK".