The World is Flat: Flat Crawl

As our friends in Oxford slowly start to evaporate 
into the future of their new homes & jobs,
we are finding any and every excuse to spend time together.

Last night, I was lucky enough to score an invite
to a "flat crawl" through the complex of graduate housing
where some of our good friends live.

Each participating flat had a picked an international destination
and prepared a course to go with it.

We had thai food, indian street food, middle eastern food, mexican food...
and mostly, 
we had some serious fun.

our orientation to street food from india. so good- so hot!!

i will definitely have to find this on the beaches in goa.

my friend rebecca, from-israel-though-went-to-boarding-school-in-kenya, made her own pita.
and rolled it out with a wine bottle. genius... and, oh, the most delicious treat ever!

mini lamb-skewers served on flat rocks
that rebecca pulled out of the ocean along the coast of wales.
(.... how do people like this exist? ....)

ah.... futons and yellow lighting. student accommodation is awesome! :)

After our bellies were stuffed
from all of the incredible dishes,
a huge group gathered to play mafia.

Have you ever played mafia?

I'm really horrible at it...
so bad that I'm always killed off at the first, 
but always innocent.

  I still think it's so fun!

What were your Saturday night plans?

Posted on July 10, 2011 and filed under "England", "oxford", "parties".