Bucket List #16: Visit Taj Mahal

The Aspiring Kennedy's Bucket List....


#16. Visit Taj Mahal.



We went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal yesterday. 

It was glorious,
and surreal.

And I totally felt like Princess Diana.

For some reason, 
seeing the Taj Mahal always seemed like a place
that was too far,
too expensive,
too difficult,
too exclusive, 
or maybe just too incomprehensible 
to actually visit.

But even though it took a five-hour ride to get there this morning...

and both camera's stopped working as we walked in the entrance
and only Tyler's cell phone to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment...

it somehow still all turned out beautifully.

Even though all our pictures may print out totally pixelated and janky. 

Oh well. 

Can't have it all. 
I'll take the cell phone pics.



If you are staying in Delhi and wanting to day trip to Agra, book with a taxi driver. 

Our hotel wanted 15000 INR for a private car with no tour. 

We booked through a cab driver and had a private car for the entire day 
& a local tour guide for only 5000 INR.

It saved us over $200! That's a lot of money...
but it's even more in India.

*If you're going relatively soon, email me and I can give you the contact no. for our driver*

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