A Camelot Wedding: Part 1

After yesterday's post about my friend, Julie's Wedding,
it seems I am on a bit of a roll.

I was so excited when I saw the email hit my inbox that
my sister's wedding pictures 
had been edited & released
from the fabulous photographer, Larry Sengbush. 

As it is with wedding pictures,
there were so many to choose from...
but since I don't normally blog about weddings,
well... except for yesterday,
I thought I'd really go for it with this one
and go for two big, photo-stuffed posts.

{Because honestly, who doesn't love seeing young love?}

Of course, I'm completely biased, 
but here is what was amazing 
about Meredith & Jackson's wedding:

 It proved that traditional church weddings aren't out.

While a lot of weddings are moving to rustic & kitschy settings,
it was nice to see an amazing wedding held in a traditional way.
It actually made me wish there were more like this now, 
but every couple has to do what works for them!

 The music was perfect.

No booty dancing, no grandma's covering their ears, 
no drunk groomsmen riding their pretend horsey around the dance floor...
Just a live band with rat-pack classics
that had everyone feeling flirty and festive.

 The flowers and reception were gorgeous.

My sister wanted two things at her wedding: a french feel and pink.
Both of these were running strong... 
just wait until the reception post!

These pictures offer a glimpse of the wedding,
of how cute Meredith & Jackson are,
and of my family...
because I'm just too proud not to show them off. 

It was such an amazing evening,
and I'm honoured to have been a part of such a special union!

loved her shoes. {vera wang, luna}

all the bryan ladies

lord, help the mister... who comes between me & my sister.

cutest parents in the world, i tell ya

don't be fooled. i'm still his favorite.

after years of therapy, my niece, maggie, decided to start walking the week of the wedding...

we didn't know if she could make it all the way down the aisle. but she did, yelling "mommy! daddy!" the whole way.
so yeah, we were all basically weeping at this point.

the {revised} bryan family

after shock

jackson surprised meredith with a gorgeous wedding band... one that she never expected to get.
he slid it on her finger at the altar and her face was priceless. it was great!

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