Make Your Life Better, Volume 2

I loved the first version of this post....

It was fun being so bossy.

So I'm doing it again...
and you're gonna like it!

Here are my recommendations 
(some might say, "commands")
to a better life... at least for today.

Kidding aside-
these are things that are making my days a bit brighter
as the weather is getting cooler.

The slow food movement is a rebellion against fast food...
NPR can tell you all about it.

(also written for Italy & England)
offers places you can go and stay in France
that offer food that is locally sourced
and prepared well...

{I think of it as an "agroturismo" on steroids.}

I'm dreaming of an entire trip traveling from different places
in France and England 
staying and tasting these places...
maybe you should come with me.

I was sent a bottle of Chanel's Black Pearl Nail Polish
by the lovely Anna Pettus...
and I am totally digging it.

It makes me feel like a rebellious debutante.

It's 14 days into September and you haven't made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls?

What is wrong with you?

Don't convert how much butter is in the recipe. 
Just do a trust fall into the yumminess.

If you like Sophie Kinsella,
(the mastermind of the Shopaholic Series)
her old books are slowly getting republished
under her real name, Madeleine Wickham.

Swimming Pool Sunday & The Tennis Party
  came out (again) recently here in the UK
and I've added them to my suitcase.

(I'm headed to Dublin in one hour. Yikes!)

missoni pillow | tyler candle, high maintenance | j crew cardigan | bottega veneta flats

These things?
Well, they are all the things
 I wish I could have
to make my own life better.

If you get any of them,
I'll be insanely proud... and jealous.

There you have them...
simple steps, people.

Now go on.

And if not for me, 
do it for the children.

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