I see London... I see France.

As I have already mentioned,
we are in Paris this weekend with our best friends.

With a weather forecast of sunny, 0% chance of rain, & a high of 68...
we have the perfect setting for a weekend
that builds some pretty good memories...
and some provides some pretty "in seine" photo ops.

{Because isn't that the point of traveling anyway?}

I wish you could come with us.

We really would have some fun, wouldn't we?

We could picnic along the Seine at sunset...
my favorite "local spot" to eat in France.

We could see some art...
some classic, some whimsical.

We could admire Tyler for being so cute...
{Fine, I'll take that one for myself. Just smile & nod.}

We would definitely eat our body weight
in butter, pastries, baguettes, macarons, & steak-frites...
because, well, scientists have absolutely not proven that 52% of the cultural experience
is collected through flour & butter when traveling in through France.

Regardless of what we did,
I know we'd have a good time.

How could you not in a place like Paris?

Wish you were here!

Posted on October 15, 2011 and filed under "France", "Paris".