Lake it or Leave It: The Lakes District

When you hear the Lakes District 
what do you think of?

Most people say Jane Austen.

If that's what you think, you're in good company...
because I would, too!

Even though Jane & me aren't as close as I would like,
seeing how she is kinda, well, dead and all,
I can only assume that we would be kindred spirits 
in our shared appreciation of this amazing area.

While I will never know {for sure} that Jane & me 
would see eye-to-eye on the beauty of the Lakes District...
I can ask you, my friend,
Is this place not gorgeous?

If you want to travel to the Lakes District,
here is what I would recommend.

I love staying in the town of Ambleside

Great location in the Lakes District
with cozy {& affordable} rooms...

Eat breakfast at Ambleside's Apple Pie Bakery...
and don't feel guilty about having it's namesake {with ice cream} for breakfast.

Visit Wordsworth's house in Grasmere, Dove Cottage...
find yourself inspired like one of the Lakes Poets by the stunning views.

and while you're in Grasmere, 
 try a bite of gingerbread from 
it's birthplace-

It is an afternoon (teatime) delight!

Spend half a day exploring the waterside town of Windemere...

I love the small bakeries, tea rooms... 
and it's endless supply of charity shops!

Renting a boat on the Lake will fulfill all your stereotypes 
of a visit to the Lakes.

While you are in the Lakes District,
make a stop by Beatrix Potter's preserved home, Hilltop Farm...

and make it a priority to have lunch at the wonderfully delicious pub next door, 

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
Posted on November 10, 2011 and filed under "England day trips", "England", "Jet Setting", "travel tips".