Nutella Pop Tarts. Oh baby.

I've started making palmiers pretty often when we are at home for the evening.

The crunchy, flakey, sweetness of the little cookies
paired with a cup of tea
is just really doing something for us
as the weather gets a bit more crisp.

It's also doing other things to my stomach and thighs...
but let's not talk about that.

The other morning, Tyler asked me to make some for breakfast.
I smiled and realized we really are soul mates.

I mean, how many other humans 
try to pass off total fat kid food as an honest meal?

So I used half of the dough for the palmiers
and I looked at the other half and decided to be creative.

I dug through my cabinets
and realized that I don't actually have that much to work with
other than food coloring, baking soda & boxes of masala chai tea.

But I did have Nutella.

And that was enough for me.

What I created was the loved child of 
North American & European breakfast cult classics:

A Nutella Pop Tart.

So easy to make...
so quick to bake...
and, oh mama, are they tasty
with some coffee.

What You Need:

1. Roll of pie crust or shortcrust pastry
(depending on what continent you are on)

2. Nutella

3. 1/2 cup of sugar

Ideally, your dough should sit out for about 10 minutes 
so that it's a bit warmer and doesn't crack when you roll it out.

I stuck mine in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
Which wasn't the best move.
The dough got a bit awkward, but still managed.
Learn from my impatience.

Sprinkle the sugar on a sheet of parchment paper.
{This makes clean up really easy.}
Spread it out across the parchment paper

So when you roll the dough out,
the backside will be completely coated in sugar.

Cut a line down the middle,
then cut lines perpendicularly across the dough.

I did 12 rectangles out of mine... 
but I actually would go a bit smaller next time
because I like a higher Nutella to pastry ratio.

Don't stress about it...
these are hard to mess up.

Now grab the nutella...

Or if you realize upon opening the lid
you only have a little left-
you can scrounge around your pantry for little packets
you swiped from a Scottish hotel's breakfast buffet.

True story.

Put about a tablespoon onto half of the pieces of dough.
Spread it around. 
Add more if it looks skimpy.

Keep it away from the sides. 

Then take the piece of dough across from it
and flip it on top of the nutella...
sugar side up, of course.

Take a fork and press it along the sides.
This is like the wedding ceremony of pastry.
The two pieces must become one...
and it will prevent any nutella from spilling out when it gets baked.

I like to cut designs in the top of mine.
Does it add any value or taste?
I have no idea...
but I highly recommend it.

Just don't cut too deep
because then the hot nutella might seep out the slit.
And that would be tragic.

Bake them for about 10 minutes...
till they are golden brown.

Then as you sit with your coffee,
your hot nutella pocket of delight,
and your pink slippers...
you will feel, once again, like all is right in the world.

*Double this feeling of contentment 
by adding a few bucks to the charity water well....
we already have almost $500!

Thank you, thank you! 
It's amazing to be able to change people's lives.

Either through clean drinking water...
or recipes for nutella pop-tarts! :)

*The first image is of the first batch of pop-tarts. I did not microwave the dough and it was so much fluffier and crispy. The second batch, the one that hit the microwave too long, came out a bit more cookie-like. Both are tasty- but I prefer the flakier version... though the second route results in a more authentic pop-tart result. Your choice!

Posted on December 8, 2011 and filed under "baked goods", "delicious dish".