New York City: Part One

After just two days in New York,
 my love is rekindled...

which isn't saying much,
because who doesn't love that city?

One bite of the Big Apple
and I was reminded
just how delicious New York really is.

From the moment our plane flew over the Manhattan skyline...

To the first block we strolled...

From a perch above the hustle of Grand Central Station...

To the first bite of delicious food....

Deliciously fresh sushi at the no-frills basement-set Yama, 17th & Irving.

And a sweet, calorie-stuffed ending to our day.

The "Cant Say No Sundae" at Serendipity. Peanut Butter Pie, Ice Cream, Hot Fudge & Banana =  Yes.
As we waited for the elevator at our hotel at the end of that night, 
(the W Lexington Ave, which I can only give a B- rating),
a swelling emotion began to rise up in my chest.

Something that made me want to get online

 and start looking up apartments that we could afford...

Something that made me want to go back into the night streets
and find another adventure.

Something that made me want to get a giant tattoo on my wrist that said:


I'll be back with more shots of our trip,
some places that I love to visit when in Manhattan,
and a peek atthe pictures we had taken for our 5th anniversary!

Posted on January 9, 2012 and filed under "Jet Setting", "new york", "travel tips".