Passport to European Espresso

I think you can really tell how smooth of a traveler someone is
by how they order their coffee when abroad.

It sounds silly, I know...
but, in my opinion, if you notice the slight nuance 
of how a culture drinks their coffee,
you're pretty smooth.

When at cafes, most of our visitors clam up upon ordering
and, without fail, always default to ordering a cappuccino.

Which is a European drink... just not after breakfast.

I'm going to introduce you to a fail proof option
that is not only delicious,
but will help you feel a bit less like a tourist...
and a bit more local when traveling.

Since most European cultures shoot back small cups of espresso throughout the day,
blending in to the culture will call for drinking smaller drinks more often.

{Editor's note: Big drinks for breakfast, small drinks for the rest of the day.}

Though, if you are like I once was, the taste of straight espresso 
probably is a bit bitter and strong for your Americanized taste buds.

When learning to drink "un caffe" the Italian way,
I discovered this tasty drink that served as my training wheels
until I could sail smoothly down the espresso trail like a big kid.

Though it has different names in different places,
this concoction is a shot of espresso
finished off with a bit of foamed milk.

It's like a mini cappuccino, if you will,
and it's perfectly delicious.

While I was out at the market today,
I saw these little espresso glasses and grabbed six...
two red, two white, two blue.

Yes, the colors of France.

I'm feeling equally inspired by warm drinks in this cold weather
as I am by the gorgeous Parisian setting.

And what better way to celebrate Friday than with a fun little contest?

To enter to win these cuties
 comment below with your favorite cafe setting...
in real life or your imagination!

Make me dream, make me laugh...
either way just leave a comment 
and I'll pick my favorite on Sunday evening. 

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No purchase necessary. 
Void where prohibited. 
Name of winner will be posted on Sunday, February 12, 2012.

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