Pack Your Bags: The Romantic Road, Germany

Stop Number 2:
Wurzburg, Germany,
at the top of the Romantic Road.

{Which as it turned out, was named such in an attempt to boost tourism after WWII.}

We spent the night here in the sweetest hotel,
and ate dinner at the most amazing German restaurant 
that the friendly front desk staff recommend.

{Hint: Always ask the staff where they eat.}

The next morning, we woke up 
and ate breakfast in the hotel's charming breakfast nook... 

complete with a little chicken doll 
perched by my shoulder.

After we had finished off our coffee
and crammed our suitcase shut...
 it was off we went in our fancy rent car.
{Which was cheaper than a VW Polo!}

We headed on to Rothenburg.

Rothenburg is the major "must-see" town
on the Romantic Road.

And honestly,
you really must see it.

It's so picturesque...

The streets are quaint
and delicious smells pour out of the cafe doors
and the cracked windows of the small restaurants.

The marketplace opens up to a large square,
and off to the side, you'll find Kathe Wohlfarht.

Probably one of the largest (& most famous) Christmas store in the world....
you'll spot it by the enormous nutcracker flanking the entrance.

It's amazing... even in March when Christmas is still nine months away.

Tuck in somewhere cozy for a bowl of soup
and the best apple pie of your life.

{Seriously- that slice is sitting at #1.}

Grab one of the area's famous Schneeballen {"snowballs"} for the road.

You can't cruise this path without trying 
the famous orb of fried strips of pastry dough coated in powdered sugar. 

It would be tragic.

Then hop back in the car and truck it on down south....
you've got your next destination awaiting you.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
Posted on March 3, 2012 and filed under "Germany", "travel tips", "travel".