Blogbuster Video- Switzerland!

A few weeks back, 
we went to Switzerland.

You might remember my pictures
from when we went skiing in the Alps

But you haven't seen this, my friends...
the video I made from our trip!

Yes, I do like making videos...

At the end of each year, 
it is so fun to make a DVD of all our adventures from the year,
sit down, and force our families to watch them with us.

I like it a lot.

I also like the awkward accident at the end of the movie
from me thinking I was setting the self-timer.... only to find it was starting the camera.

PS. I started reading the Hunger Games.
Late to the mix, I know... but I'm loving it. 
Does that make me the last person alive to do this?
 If that's the case, I'd be winning in Panem.

Posted on April 5, 2012 and filed under "Kiss", "TK", "movies", "switzerland".